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Squatters by MJ Gyukeri-Woods


by MJ Gyukeri-Woods

302 pages
A compulsively readable thriller, a lovesick ghost’s commitment to reawaken his untimely death. Using a map, photo and a note found hidden in a lock box. Rik and Ana head out to solve a crime from the past traveling through portals.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery:Historical
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About the Book
A fascinating tale of a seventeen-year-old high school senior, Rik Gabor, reveals a lock-box, buried and concealed in the floor-boards of his home. His friend Ana dropped by to meet on a pleasant Sunday morning.

The contents in the box consist of a map, the deed to a property, and an old photograph. Included were various pieces of jewelry and a hand-written letter from the proprietor assigned to care for the property, Pastor Thaddeus Cahoon. The letter setting forth, the Parish no longer wanted to care for the property due to unforeseen life forces.

A vision of a beautiful woman while, they were examining the jewelry was wearing the brooch. This sparked Rik and Ana’s interest. Instead of hanging out that afternoon, they took a road trip to Cape Cod.

The cranberry bog was overgrown and buried in conservation land. Not long after their arrival to the property, Rik detected unusual incidents. Initially it was a relaxed, peaceful hike. They followed the map leading to the farmhouse. Ana thought she sensed a vine travel up her leg and it tried to trip her. She struggled not to think about how ridiculous that sounded.

The farm house is where Rik and Ana discover this property is haunted. They were assaulted by unforeseen life forces and were run out of the home. On the way back to the truck, Rik was pulled into a portal and transported back to the history of where the bog occurrences began. It is the Autumn of 1895 during the cranberry harvest.

The town’s people in 1895 wanted to eliminate the town of these ‘squatters’ the Gypsies.

Paladin the Gypsy leader has summoned Rik to help him find the truth.

During Rik’s travels into the past, he is aided with the help of the thirteen-year-old Gypsy twins Bernardo and Alga. They prevail as traveling spirits. Rik is prepared to be transported throughout the bog. They travel through different times where Alga and Bernardo existed. Rik learned through his travels, the people who lived and worked at the bog were murdered. Paladin, Rik, learns through his investigation. There is an ancestral linkage, Rik is related to Paladin.

Another problem Rik was faced with. Deacon Harold Wood, He was at one time, Margaret’s first husband. He was one of the men responsible for the demise of the Gypsy clan. Rik must also deal with the spirit of Harold.

Paladin fell madly in love with nineteen-year-old Margaret. She was the widow of Harold Wood.

Paladin, in this spirit dimension, not only did he have to transport his people to their final resting place, but also he had to find Margaret.

Back home, Rik needed to convince his dad, Dr. Martin Gabor, of his findings at the bog. Rik’s dad is a neurosurgeon at a large prestigious hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Rik’s parents are divorced. His dad has big plans. for Rik’s future. The problem is, Rik. is on a totally different wave-length. Dr. Gabor wants Rik to pursue a lifetime in medicine but, Rik’s love is to go on and study music.

Through his multiple trips to the bog and research at the archive building, Rik was able to convince his dad of his findings. He also discovered his dad had also been summoned there by Paladin thirty years prior. Rik’s initial feeling of his dad disappointing the gypsies pushes him even further to prove to his dad his need to solve this crime.



About the Author
Marie Gyukeri-Woods grew up in Boston, Massachusetts in a large Hungarian-Irish family. She studied Radiology at Northeastern University. Working in medical imaging, listening and understanding accounts expressed through the views of individuals from all walks of life. Storytelling and appreciating a passion, adopting these tales into a world of imagination.



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