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Best Bang for Your Book: Where to Spend Your Marketing Bucks by Julia L. Wilkinson

Best Bang for Your Book: Where to Spend Your Marketing Bucks

by Julia L. Wilkinson

127 pages
Authors share most effective book marketing methods, with hard data.

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Category: Business:Marketing
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About the Book

Finally, a resource that helps you sell books in the real world, based on real results other authors like you have gotten with their techniques! Best Bang features the top methods authors have used to sell books, including real, concrete data such as number of books sold and percentage jumps in sales.

It also features: authors' individual ranking of marketing methods; new, effective methods you've never heard of; a top ranking of all methods overall; samples of author ads; free advertising vs. paid (free can be almost as effective); where to definitely NOT spend your money; where spending a little money is WELL worth it; what you can expect to pay with various marketing methods, and an analysis of their effectiveness; and resources.

Best Bang will reveal ideas you hadn't considered, such as: a free, trendy feature on the Internet that will get your books exposure; and which national magazine ad increased an author's sales tenfold!

I've spent a year marketing my book, My Life at AOL, and want to share with other authors what I learned about marketing. Here's what I wish I had done differently, and first. Don't waste your precious time and money on methods that don't get results!


I read your e-book, Best Bang for Your Book. I should say, ?devoured it.? It's awesome. I loved it, every word. Talk about ?right message to the right audience at the right time? -- this is exactly the kind of input I've been seeking for the past 2 months as I've begun the process of marketing my own book.

+ You cover so many different marketing methods. I really like the comprehensiveness of the book. The book is packed with useful tips that are a great resource for both the experienced writer as well as the novice.

+ I loved hearing about your experiences, especially in the ?early days? when you tried to get the book published the ?traditional? way. I learned a tremendous amount about book publishing just by hearing what you went through.

+ The numerous experiences of other writers: This is the book's greatest strength -- the way you've gathered together so many experiences of so many writers and blended them together into an easy-to-read yet delightful editorial tapestry.

+ I read your entire book in one sitting! Can't remember the last time I did that. Please put me on your mailing list: let me know when you write another book; I'll buy it sight unseen!?

--Wayne M. Davies,

"Your book was like a knowledgeable friend helping to confirm where BEST to spend OUR OWN dollars. And secondly you helped in rewriting my press release and what to expect of it. Wow! Where to spend your bucks for the greatest percentage return, together with helpful hints. Wow, again." -- Steve Knight, author, 1853 Los Angeles Gangs

+ I have to say your Best Bang book is great. I have a long list of new ideas to try, thanks to you.? -- Bill Neugent, author, No Outward Sign



About the Author
Julia L. Wilkinson Julia Wilkinson is the author of My Life at AOL; Best Bang for Your Book; and other ebooks, including What Sells on eBay for What. She publishes the monthly newsletter Yard Salers and eBayers and is editor of the MyEZsale eCommerce Guide. She lives in Alexandria, Virginia with her family.



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