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Life in 3-D by Lewis Cook MD

Life in 3-D

by Lewis Cook MD

786 pages
Find hope, comfort, inspiration and guidance in living the Christian life by reading the Bible daily and singing praise to God by the list of hymns. This book is to be a lifelong guide with rereading each year for the rest of your life.

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Category: Religion:Devotional
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About the Book
This book is designed to guide you in finding the truth in God's word by reading the Bible daily. Depending on the time commitment you choose to read the Bible, you can choose the minimal guide of eight verses per day in Psalm 119-128, or a slightly higher commitment of one chapter per day in Proverbs, which has 31 chapters. A next step in commitment could be reading through the book of Revelation each month. Find comfort and inspiration by reading through the remainder of the book of Psalms in four months. You can read about the life of Jesus and the early church history by reading a chapter per day in four months. Find the doctrinal teaching of Jesus by a reading of the New Testament books of Romans through Jude in four months.

The remainder of the books of the Bible are divided into Genesis through second Chronicles, to be read throughout the year. The other books of wisdom and prophecy in the Old Testament are also read throughout the year to complete reading of the Bible in one year.

Find hope, comfort, praise, inspiration, and guidance in living the Christian life by reading the Bible in an organized fashion. The book "Life in 3-D" can by used as a permanent record of your comments you write in the space provided in the book on biblical subjects, which can be a legacy for your children, grandchildren, and anyone else who is searching for guidance throughout their lives.



About the Author
Dr. Cook grew up near Sallisaw, Oklahoma and attended a small Baptist church his family organized. He accepted Jesus at age 8. He attended Tulane Medical School, then served in the USAF for 2 years. He has been married for 57 years and has four children and seven grandchildren.



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