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FAMILY SECRETS by Beth Diane Havens


by Beth Diane Havens

194 pages
Brianna Michaels unexpectedly receives a surprising phone call which sets into motion the struggle for control of a family estate. Her emotional journey leads to the discovery of shocking family secrets which changes the course of her life.

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Category: Fiction:Sagas
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About the Book
Brianna Michaels lives a quiet and serene life along with her husband Kevin. A surprise phone call from her sister alerted Brianna to the sudden passing of their stepmother Ellie with whom they had little contact after their father passed ten years earlier. Brianna quickly realized that she would be thrust into the role of Executor of Ellie’s estate in the small town of Stonebridge Falls.

With legal support from the local attorney and his paralegal, Brianna begins the meticulous process of Estate resolution: Wills, Waivers, Probate Court, a genealogy search. Into the mix is a mysterious stranger who Brianna suspects knows more than he is willing to say, and Ellie’s long forgotten niece, who disrupts the entire process.

Brianna’s journey stirs up old memories and mixed emotions from her past relationship with her father and stepmother, and the progression of events leads to the discovery of shocking family secrets which changes the course of her life.



About the Author
Beth Diane Havens Beth graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelors in English and a Masters in Education. After retiring from a 24-year career in higher education, she discovered the “writing bug” and completed her first novel. Beth enjoys golfing, biking, hiking, traveling, and socializing with her friends and family.



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