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MILLENNIUM'S GATE: The Shadow of Giants by Gerald Ciccarone

MILLENNIUM'S GATE: The Shadow of Giants

by Gerald Ciccarone

700 pages
The Odyssey of a man who suffers a bizarre accident by design. He is chosen by the universe to shepherd the world of men through the minefield that will inevitably destroy them, and lead them to millennium's gate.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi
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About the Book
Millennium's Gate: The Shadow of Giants is the first book of a trilogy that spans two hundred years. One man, taught from infancy, the proper philosophical operating system and motivation for living, knew that is the only way mankind will learn to live and survive the future. His mother indelibly impressed in his character, "Never allow anyone's irrelevant opinion of you to form your self-image. An honest, genuine self-image can only come from within by mastery through achievement." This he had to teach the world, but the powers who ran the world must stop him at all costs. If Iggy Marcus is successful, the world will be transformed and the old elitist power structure will be swept away, to be replaced by the power of the individual. The battle is epic and humanity's survival hangs in the balance.



About the Author
After owning three restaurants, a lifetime of design engineering, and reading thousands of books, it is time to contribute. The hero, Iggy Marcus, was assembled from all the components of the author's value system, with one disclaimer: Iggy is the author, but the author could never be Iggy.



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