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The Sachem Tales: Initiation Dream by Marc S. Hughes

The Sachem Tales: Initiation Dream

by Marc S. Hughes

326 pages
A mother's secret, gruesome murders, young love, shape shifting Indians and a covert eugenics program, the complete recipe for non-stop adventure.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult:Fantasy
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About the Book
Colin Trask and his two friends, Jasmine and Skyler, spend time exploring Colin's family history. Learning that he and his sister are half American Indian was surprising enough, but Colin soon finds out that he's a bit more. After a vivid dream, a miraculous swimming-hole rescue and an unorthodox family reunion Colin and his friends discover that he is not only a wolf shifter but also the Chief-Born leader of a tribe they must now keep secret.

According to tribal history the Superior (as these chieftains are called) appear every few decades to ensure the tribe’s survival. Now, in a small Vermont town, a teenage boy is trying to understand what it means to be the tribe's leader by learning about his heritage, the guarded traditions of the Shifters and how to emotionally take control of his new abilities. What Colin also learns is that there's a second Superior living nearby willing to reveal the tribe's secret by going on a massive murder spree with his angry pack.

This rebel Superior's rage has some merit. He and his father find proof of a eugenics operation that sterilized and depleted his tribal people, as well as other cultures deemed unworthy. Though this sterilization program occurred several years ago, the plan for revenge will involve attacking anyone connected, meaning innocent spouses, children and grandchildren related to the perpetrators of the past. Knowing this, Colin and his pack will have to fight to stop the madness. The question on Colin's mind, as well as those close to him, is whether he is ready for this battle?



About the Author
Marc Hughes is an author and illustrator who has written and designed children's books. His works include lake monster mascots, giving monks, world citizens and proud plankton. Marc's love of wolves and American Indian culture goes back to movies and documentaries that finally depicted both in a positive light.



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