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Second Hand Tomorrow by Barbara Howard

Second Hand Tomorrow

by Barbara Howard

356 pages
Second-Hand Tomorrow is an email love story between a Manhattan widower and Australian divorcee. Challenges related to living single in a coupled society links them. Curiosity prompts a meeting and leads to soul searching revelations.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
Second-Hand Tomorrow is a thought-provoking read interspersed with light-hearted humor.
Daniel is a widower living in Manhattan. Babette a divorcee, lives on the other side of the Pacific, in Australia.

Well-intentioned friends and family are constantly offering suggestions and opportunities to introduce conjugal happiness into Babette's life. By these means, outside intervention plays a role, coaxing Babette into initiating an email friendship with Daniel.
Daniel is perceived as the eligible man about town and envied by his best buddy, William, who feels discontentment within his marriage. When he tells Daniel with a fair measure of envy, "You've got it all." What he does not have any knowledge of; is the torment that Daniel is hiding.

Once Babette and Daniel begin their email friendship, they realize that irrespective of which side of the Pacific you live on, challenges related to living single in a predominantly coupled society present certain similarities.

Stripped of their naivety by years now past, wisdom is the window through which Daniel and Babette view their present.
They enter into their communication with their hearts armor-plated by life’s disappointments, but they soon discover that their successful and fiercely independent lives have been created to avoid the painful issues of living solo in a predominantly coupled society.

As Babette and Daniel sit behind the screen of their laptop, they feel shielded, as they share stories about daily events and fantasies. The Pacific Ocean that separates them also serves as another layer of reassurance; they are simply too far apart to ever get too close to becoming heartbroken. During moments of fun-filled sharing, they are gradually led into uncovering many common interests. Eventually, their curiosity is piqued to a degree where they feel prompted into arranging a meeting.

They agree to meet in Tasmania, in this wild and untamed land of rugged beauty. Memorable moments are created as they mutually enjoy each other's company and delight in the experience of living in the present moment. As they learn more about each other, they forge a growing closeness.

However, with Daniel's return to Manhattan, they are brought to acknowledge that their meeting has shattered the safety of their email relationship.

Before they can even contemplate allowing their hearts to love again, they need to find the courage to surrender to the past. As they embark upon navigating their way around emotions and fears laid down by past heartache, will they be able to prevent the inevitable loss of tomorrow's joy from being snatched out of their reach by their unresolved sorrow?

Will trusting the message that comes from the heart deliver tomorrow’s answer? Will they find the inner freedom to love again?



About the Author
Barbara E. Howard lives in Victoria, Australia. She enjoys travel and introduces this interest to her writing. When she isn’t enjoying the company of her friends and family, you will find her tending to her bees and her garden. She feels that engagement with nature and a positive approach nurtures the hope that delivers the dream.



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