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THE JARL'S SHADOW by Sean Michael Paquet


by Sean Michael Paquet

396 pages
From a childhood trauma that nearly killed her, Amra Raynecksdottir forms a symbiotic existence with a dark entity. While her life was spared, she is forever part of the Darkness. A Shadow Walker. How Long can she keep the Darkness at bay?

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Category: Fiction:Fantasy
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About the Book
Within all of us is a Darkness. For without Darkness there can be no Light. Light is that which creates Darkness.
Amra Raynecksdottir suffered a deadly childhood trauma which nearly claimed her life until she was embraced by a Dark Entity. While her life was spared, she lost many things. Such is the subtlety of Darkness. To lose empathy. To lose emotions. To always face the Darkness within.
For all that she lost, Amra gained more. Her Symbiosis with the entity known as Skadi granted her Power to control both Darkness and Light. As she grows so does the Darkness within her and she is trained in secret arts of death, and subterfuge as The Jarl's Shadow. A killer who strikes without question at the behest of her father, Rayneck the Red, Jarl of Numitgart.
As a dozen years pass, many are the notches on the hilt of her snaked eyed dagger. With each death, her Darkness rises and her humanity wanes. During the journey home from the Northern Reach and the Valley of the Balance she is called on to perform a mission of diplomacy by Myrnran Gaia, Steward of Threa.
As she carries out her mission, her skills, and abilities are put to the test as a near constant battle of wills ensues between her and her dark partner Skadi.
However, the strange new comrades she journey's with rekindle emotions and feelings she thought lost somewhere behind her in a trail of bodies and blood. As an ill fated battle looms on the horizon between two rival clans, the war within her comes to a head. Amra Raynecksdottir, The Jarl's Shadow, remembers something she had long ago forgotten. She is still human.


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About the Author
Sean Michael Paquet Sean Paquet jokes that he is "just someone who writes weird stuff and hangs out with Witches." As he wrote The Jarl's Shadow (sequel to A GAME OF GODS), he realized his stories were the chronicle of his journey of Spiritual Awakening. He hopes readers will learn from that journey.



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