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Dangerous Straits (Matt Lanier, #3) by Chris Norbury

Dangerous Straits (Matt Lanier, #3)

by Chris Norbury

300 pages
Dangerous Straits puts Matt on the mean streets of Minneapolis at the lowest point of his life. Can he find the courage and desire to mount one last challenge against his nemesis, the ruthless Leland Smythe?

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Category: Fiction:Thriller:Suspense
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About the Book
DANGEROUS STRAITS, the third Matt Lanier thriller, is a suspenseful page-turner that will keep you reading all night long.

Once a world-class musician, Matt Lanier now survives by playing guitar for spare change in the streets and skyways of Minneapolis. He’s also homeless, broke, and a fugitive accused of murdering a cop. His downward spiral started after he uncovered a multi-billion-dollar conspiracy orchestrated by Leland Smythe, a corrupt, ruthless real-estate magnate.

To clear his name and reclaim his normal lifestyle, Matt must convince the authorities that the conspiracy is real. Because Matt threatens Smythe’s success, Smythe wants him dead.

David had better odds against Goliath.

Physically and emotionally scarred after surviving multiple murder attempts, Matt decides to end his year-long losing battle against Smythe and start fresh with a fake identity. He’ll do anything to obtain it, even commit a crime. But when an unlikely ally arrives at a pivotal moment, Matt is forced to make a fateful decision. Either live a lie for the rest of his life or go up against Smythe one final time.


“This installment of the Matt Lanier mystery-thriller series is well worth the wait. Norbury sets the hook on page one and keeps the line emotionally taut to the very end.” —Laurie Buchanan, author of the Sean McPherson novels
- Laurie Buchanan, author of the Sean McPherson novels


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About the Author
Chris Norbury Chris Norbury is the award-winning author of the mystery-thrillers Straight River, Castle Danger, and Dangerous Straits. A Big Brother “Emeritus,” Chris donates a portion of all his book sales to his local Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. He lives with his wife in southern Minnesota.



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