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When Truth Knocks: A Journey Through Life's Spiritual Fog by Eddie D. Fleming

When Truth Knocks: A Journey Through Life's Spiritual Fog

by Eddie D. Fleming

204 pages
My book is about my faith journey to Christianity, the struggles I experienced, the misconceptions I embraced, and the truths I learned. It's a book that can help others learn from my journey so they can avoid the mistakes I made.

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About the Book
"When Truth Knocks" is the story of my faith journey to Christ. Unfortunately, I took a shortcut that led me into religion, instead of to God. Once there, I discovered that when you think (falsely) you have God in your life, you become inoculated from God. You don't need Him because you think you already have Him.

In the book, I share about the master deceiver, Satan, and how he uses lies and people to get us sidetracked in our journey. I also share about the risks of such a journey but emphasize that the benefits and rewards of the journey are well worth the risks and sacrifices.

The need for a spiritual self-examination is stressed because it can provide the assurance we need for our salvation and enteral destination. I believe no Christian should ever face death without steadfast confidence that Jesus and heaven await them on the other side. However, this confidence must be anchored to a solid foundation that can withstand the winds of skepticism and the hardships of life.

The biblical evidence of one's salvation and the precious promises in God's Word that I share in this book is priceless and needed for every Christian.


In his book, When Truth Knocks, my friend, Eddie Fleming, ushers you from personal confusion into a biblical certainty of a confident life. His story and his insight will make an immediate impact and eternal difference for you and yours.
- Robert J. Morgan, teaching pastor of the Donelson Fellowship in Nashville, Tennessee and best selling author.
In this book, Eddie walks the reader through the spiritual fog that envelops us all. He warns us of shortcuts to avoid and of the ways we can become sidetracked along our journey if we are not vigilant. This is a great book to help us navigate life’s journey.
- Eddie Moody is the Executive Director of the National Free Will Baptists denomination.
When Truth Knocks is the story of Eddie's journey in ministry. It provides practical, biblically sound instruction on how to respond to the greatest truth of all—the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Definitely a worthwhile read.
- Brian Schuette, Lead Attorney Healthy Church Initiative



About the Author
Eddie D. Fleming Eddie D. Fleming is the pastor of Concord Church in Manitou, Kentucky. He and his wife, Laura, live in Madisonville, KY with their children, Elizabeth and Evan. He is a graduate of Welch College in Nashville, Tennessee, with a B. A. in Pastoral Ministries.



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