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Pinkey's by Anna Gotlieb


by Anna Gotlieb

114 pages
A young Orthodox couple abandon their way of life in search of new identity in a small Midwestern town. Simultaneously, an Israeli widow and her son make their way to the same town. Change comes as paths cross.

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About the Book
Shortly after their wedding, instead of heading for Israel as their families expected, a young Orthodox Jewish couple takes on new identities. They leave a note with no forwarding address and move to a small town in the Midwest. The woman finds a job at Pinkey’s, a country-style store, one of a chain of Pinkey’s.

Simultaneously, with the help of a philanthropic organization operated by Pinkey’s widow, an Israeli woman, traumatized by the death of her soldier/ husband finds solace in the same Midwestern town.

The paths of the young couple and the Israeli woman cross in a house each calls home for a temporary period of time. The owner of that house is the late-Pinkey’s sister—long ago dismissed by parents for running off with a non-Jew who ultimately abandoned her.

At the behest of his aunt, Pinkey’s nephew takes over the operation of the Pinkey’s company and later accepts a position with the philanthropic organization.
The young couple gives up their false identities, reunites with family and winds up in Israel practicing a brand of orthodoxy on their terms rather than on that of their parents.

The Israeli woman returns to Israel to make a new life with a professor she has met in the Midwestern town.

Pinkey’s sister moves to Israel and marries the professor’s father. Both her move and her marriage are surprises. (Initially, neither the professor nor his father, a long-time supporter of the philanthropic organization, knows that they have Pinkey’s in common).

In honor of the support (financial and otherwise) provided by Pinkey during his lifetime, the philanthropic organization is officially named Pinkey’s Project.

Pinkey’s is a tale of choices.



About the Author
Anna Gotlieb is the author of three books: Between the Lines, C.I.S, Publishers; In Other Words, Targum Press; and Full Circle, Author House. She is a wife, a mother and a grandmother.



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