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by Rev. Thomas Vent

220 pages
This book is about simplifying the confusion about salvation that has been distorted and confusing Christians. The book looks at true salvation from the view and writings of the apostle John.

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Category: Religion:Christianity:Bible Study
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About the Book
Because we live in a time in which our lives are dominated and even manipulated by the world of social media, the internet and television, it has become increasingly more difficult to sift through all the information and opinions for truth. It has become not only easy, but commonplace to manipulate and distort facts and even the images we see. Modern society has even found it necessary to alter much of what we thought was already accurate, from terms we used-to books we’ve read, from the science we learned-to the biology we possess, from statues-to historical events, everything can be changed or even completely eliminated.

It should be no surprise that historically accepted theology and biblical truth has also been found on the cutting room floor of organized religion. This has left a chasm of distorted beliefs and watered down preaching about the doctrine of salvation and eternal security. Fortunately, God already planned for this and had the apostle John write a letter, simply called First John, that would deal with this topic and bring truth into focus for everyone who would read it. A Plea for Spiritual Honesty utilizes all the writings of John to reveal the truth about salvation that he gleaned over years of following Jesus and listening and observing him as he ministered to people. John was able to share a unique perspective on this vital topic of salvation and how a person can know whether they are truly a Christian or simply deceiving themselves. John is clear about the distinctives that reveal salvation and makes a plea for spiritual honesty in his writing. This book looks at those areas that John laid out as the indicators of a person with genuine faith so we may “know we have eternal life.”



About the Author
Thomas Vent is an ordained minister, church planter, and theologian. He currently resides in the Midwest with his wife of 43 years, Cynthia, 5 children and 21 grandchildren. Tom has also written, “Searching for Identity,” “We Were Warned,” and “Loving God, Living Me.”



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