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Self2self by Martin Brookes


by Martin Brookes

64 pages
Self2self is a charmingly illustrated collection of simple spiritual observations that carry a profound message at their core. A message from the Self that is all of us to the self it imagines itself to be.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
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About the Book
Composed of short profound insights coupled with child-like yet meaningful illustrations Self2self is a companion, a reassuring reminder of the simplicity of the Truth.

When the mind gets busy and thoughts and everyday life seem to complicate and muddy the waters of the sincere heart, the words of Self2self may once again return one to the clarity of what is fundamentally important to the discovery of one's true nature.



About the Author
Martin Brookes began his spiritual journey after falling into Samadhi as a young man. His quest came to an end more than thirty years later in a moment of absolute surrender when he gave up the search and offered his entire universe, and his life, in exchange for the Truth.



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