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Murmuration: A Good Vibration by Richard Birrer

Murmuration: A Good Vibration

by Richard Birrer

36 pages
A story set in poetic prose that describes the natural phenomenon of murmuration-the swarming, flocking and grouping of birds, fish and insects.

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Category: Animals
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About the Book
This book describes in poetic prose the natural animal behavior of murmuration. This phenomenon has been observed in birds, fish and even insects and traditionally been referred to as swarming, flocking or schooling. Scientists are studying it and believe it may be used for protection, food gathering and reproduction in anthropomorphizing the characters in the story additional themes emerge regarding helping and working together, dealing with loneliness and depression, and enjoying one another's company.


Imagination brings people to new heights and makes dreams come true. This book spurs oneís imagination beautifully. Highly recommended!
- Sandi Landon, HS math teacher and guidance counselor.
This epic poem poignantly deals with depression and makes it something that kids can relate to and realize they can conquer. Perfect in this Covid climate where more young people find themselves down and donít know how to get up. A must read for teachers and parents who can be the guides through this lifeís challenge.
- Candace Way, Teacher
This book should definitely be read aloud. Through the use of a blend of poetry and prose, having some Seuss like qualities, it engages both the reader and listener, as a diverse cast of characters pool their unique talents to solve a problem that at first felt insurmountable. By collaborating and persevering, they prove the sayings "Two heads (or more) are better than one" and If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." The addition of an addendum was very helpful. Who had ever heard of Mumuration?
- Linda Pons, Teacher


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About the Author
Richard Birrer Richard Birrer is a family physician and member of the Explorer's Club. In his extensive travels to all the countries of the world he has flown, climbed and dove to witness many of Nature's secrets. He is a member of the Order of Malta and his family of 3 children and 5 grandchildren anchor his life.



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