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Baeorillia: The Storm of War by Derrick Sasuman

Baeorillia: The Storm of War

by Derrick Sasuman

528 pages
After the events of Yeonju Province, the heroes have gone their separate ways. As the Black Queen's magick continues to rise, Baeorillia does not wait. With the conflicts unending, and death reclaiming; all that remains is the Storm of War.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book

In the wake of Yeonju Province, the heroes have gone their separate ways. To lick their wounds or to bleed for an eternal fight. Beneath the cruel veneer of a sundered sky and upon the wounded Baeorillia, their conflicts grow to swallow the world whole.

Against the Jae-Jin, Shaeng Min-Yun, Prince of the Southern Empire of Hayu-Min, blinded by his fears. To the West, upon the floating Sky Cities of Barellia, the demigod, Andromeda Augustus Onorati, waits. Within the sunken cities and obliterated front lines, Zheng Qi Lin, continues her crusade.

As the heroes, old and new struggle to find the right path in the remnants of the awakening in Yeonju, Baeorillia did not wait. Storm clouds brew over the horizon, angry and starved. With the clash of swords and the words of the corrupt, the Storm of War rises to devour them all.


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About the Author
Engrossed with Fantasy for as long as he could remember, he was disheartened to learn there were few grand fantasies with an Asian lens. Since he was in High School, he had dabbled with writing competitions, such as NaNoWriMo (albeit never winning), and started working on Baeorillia as a sixteen-year-old with nothing more than a dream. He is deeply inspired by the greatest fantasy authors and anime, along with Asian Mythologies and cultures. Derrick lives in Houston, Texas with his fiancee.



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