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TWORANNY: The Two-Headed Tyrant by Jose Nunez

TWORANNY: The Two-Headed Tyrant

by Jose Nunez

430 pages
The American Revolutionary spirit guides Concilium, a group fighting the corrupted two-party system. Cleaning the swamp is not just a slogan; it’s their mission. But the Tworanny will not tolerate exposure and Concilium is attacked.

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Category: Fiction:Thriller:Political
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About the Book
Cadel is kidnapped with his friend Novus and wakes up in a cell with another prisoner, Adriana, Novus’ ex-wife. The pair is rescued by a member of Concilium, but Novus remains captive. Concilium is a political organization working to protect the principles defined by the Founding Fathers and improve the Constitution via amendments to limit the grafting and dishonest ways of elected officials.

Cadel wants to contact the police, but Adriana warns that they are in great danger and authorities won’t help. The enemy is a group of mercenaries led by Silverman, who was hired by George King, a Wall Street billionaire linked to the Tworanny—the two parties that have alternated in power for over two centuries.

Cadel becomes the acting leader of Concilium as the patriots strive to rescue Novus, including organizing cons to catch politicians performing illegal activities, identifying King as their enemy, and breaking into King’s house to take away a valuable painting to use as a bargaining chip.

For years, Concilium has been working in secret to protect its members, but now is the time to burst into the open, and a Concilium Continental Congress will be held in Las Vegas to bring the patriots together. But the Tworanny threatens to disrupt the event and destroy Concilium.



About the Author
Jose Nunez Jose Nunez is an enthusiast of the Constitution, a patent attorney living in California, and a believer that we can do better.



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