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THE LOST DRAGON MURDER by Michael Allan Mallory


by Michael Allan Mallory

274 pages
What is the Bronze Dragon? And why does someone covet it so much he's already killed for it? Those are the questions Detective Henry Lau must answer to solve the mystery. A cryptic clue left by the dead man may be his last hope.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery:Detective
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About the Book
--Winner Best Independent Book Award: Detective Mystery
--Silver Falchion Award Finalist, Killer Nashville International Writers’ Conference

The murder of an art expert and the disappearance of a priceless artifact propels Detective Henry Lau into the nebulous world of ancient antiquities. Complicating matters is a parade of dodgy suspects who wouldn’t know a truthful statement if it bit them on the leg. What is the Bronze Dragon? And why do so many people covet it, one enough to commit murder? Unlocking the mystery may hinge on deciphering a cryptic message left by the dead man.

Back on active duty after debilitating injuries sidelined him for months, Henry is determined to prove to himself and his boss that he can still do the job. What he doesn’t know is that his new partner has been tasked with evaluating his fitness for duty.

Henry Lau’s investigative ability and Wing Chun kung fu skills are pushed to the limit as the case spirals to a dangerous showdown.


“With nods to both Dashiell Hammett and Agatha Christie, Mallory’s newest mystery is a perfect story to curl up with on a winter’s night. Twists and turns abound as we follow Detective Henry Lau and his niece, Detective Janet Lau, as they sift through the motives and means of a potential historic art theft, one that may have led to murder. "Mallory's strong writing and atmospheric Minnesota setting grabbed me from the first page!”
- Ellen Hart, Mystery Writers of America Grandmaster
"Michael Allan Mallory's talent as a storyteller shines through in Lost Dragon. The first paragraph captured me and I relished the story to the end. His characters seem like real people... "I loved walking alongside protagonists Henry Lau and Janet Lau as they worked through a complex investigation to uncover a killer's identity. Mallory’s impressive knowledge of martial arts is keenly woven into the plot and adds a key element in this compelling story. I hope Lost Dragon is the first book in a series because I’m ready for the next. Two thumbs up!”
- Christine Husom, author, the Winnebago County Mysteries and the Snow Globe Shop Mysteries
“Delightful! A fun whodunit with characters I want to hang out with.”
- Anne Frasier, New York Times Bestselling Author
"Filled with great details and wonderfully crafted language."
- Sue Ann Jaffarian, author of the popular Odelia Grey and Ghost of Granny Apples mysteries
"[This novel] didn't get the attention it should have...[A] heart-stopping contest..."
- The Saint Paul Pioneer Press
"The story [is] packed with thrilling action scenes and unpredictable twists...[in] an intriguing storyline..."
- Brainerd Dispatch



About the Author
Michael Allan Mallory Michael Allan Mallory is the co-author of two novels featuring mystery’s first zoologist sleuth: Lavender “Snake” Jones. His short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies and publications. He trained in and taught Wing Chun kung fu for a number of years in Minneapolis.



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