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Seasons with My Higher Power by Josie L. Parker

Seasons with My Higher Power

by Josie L. Parker

182 pages
"Seasons with My Higher Power" shares answers for Josie L. Parker's questions, in areas of relationship failures and discontent with life when her Higher Power reveals himself as a small man, HP, who teaches her about self-love.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
The author’s Higher Power, HP, reveals Himself in “Seasons with My Higher Power” and converses with her, encouraging Josie L. Parker in her Earth’s journey.

Have you ever cried out for answers to life’s hardest questions, with fists shaking at the sky? Maybe you found yourself crying in an abandoned stairway, wondering why you feel like a failure with either a relationship or a struggling career.

Whoa, take a step back! Who is this mystical creature appearing just now? He’s short. Sounds Irish. And He knows all.

Not only does Josie discover things about herself relating to her childhood years in an alcoholic home, but she learns to live in the moment, trust HP and release many of the difficulties of her past 60 years of life. Through conversations with HP, she finds ways to approach long term resentments, fears, anger, grief and guilt, and learns a variety of ways to balance her life with serenity and joy.



About the Author
With a background in education for 12 years followed by two decades as a small town journalist, Josie L. Parker documents her recent recovery journey from her childhood of alcoholism, dysfunction and abuse. Stepping outside the realms of reality in “Seasons with My Higher Power,” Josie shares thoughtful dialogue with her Higher Power, aka HP. Through a year of journal writing, Josie develops an unexpected friendship with HP who helps her find answers to many of life’s questions.



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