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Mindful Moments: A Pandemic Memoir of Positivity and Gratitude by Lisa Mate

Mindful Moments: A Pandemic Memoir of Positivity and Gratitude

by Lisa Mate

496 pages
In March of 2020. when a Pandemic shut down our world, life as we knew it became unknown and challenging. I decided to hold myself accountable to positivity by posting a memoir of our daily challenges ending each day with a message of hope.

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About the Book
When the clock struck midnight on January 1st, 2020 we had no idea the challenges that we were to face that year.

News of a worldwide Pandemic and ordered shelter in place with only essential services operational spread like wildfire creating uncertainly and fear of the unknown.

I am an empath, a seeker of positivity and each day those emotions depleted with every news report and indefinite isolation.

I felt the need to hold myself accountable to hang onto that gratitude by sharing our personal journey on social media everyday, and everyday finding the gratitude within those challenges.

As with all children, on March 17th, my Autistic son was sent home for remote learning. Their routines disrupted and desperately needed services came to a screeching halt. He requires 1:1 instruction and that became my priority.

A few days later, all non essential businesses were closed, indefinitely. The self employed were left with no income until months later when unemployment was approved for us. I am self employed.

My husbands office closed and he was working remotely, as were most people, for over a year.

My sons Autism requires structure, routine and services to thrive. All of those necessities were gone leaving a confused, scared and anxious child resulting in uncontrollable behaviors that required love, patience and priority. He feared this virus taking me away from him. So much so that his worries effected his entire being. I am his person.

I found myself as mom, wife, teacher, therapist, confidant and business owner while my 93 year old mom recuperated from a life threatening surgery in a nursing home.

Nursing homes were being hit hard by this virus and taking many loved ones with it. The responsibilities and concerns became overwhelming.

Each day I sought out something, anything, to be grateful for. With no where to go we spent a lot of our time outdoors after remote learning. We soaked up the sun, blue skies, hearing the birds chirping, looking for someone, anyone to be out walking, loving sidewalk chalk messages of hope, seeing hearts in window, smiling at fellow walkers while keeping our distance and looking for the helpers. Some days I had to dig deep, very deep, for gratefulness.

It was in those moments, days, and months that we worked through the seemingly impossible and missed seeing our loved ones as we watched the world crumble to illness and countless deaths.

As my prose merely began as a way to hold MYSELF accountable from falling through the cracks, I found that many not only began following my stories but looking forward to them. So much so that I was encouraged to put them into a book to help others see the positivity in the most challenging of times while navigating isolation and Autism.

My goal is help bring the sun into your cloudiest of days through commonality, gratitude, positivity and mindfulness.


“It is profound how a few little words can so powerfully impact ones very soul! Lisa Mate captured my heart on many occasions with her regular messages and posts.... Sometimes of inspiration, sometimes expressing life's struggles and challenges, but always full of wisdom, grace and goodness! From the simple reminder of how exceptionally blessed we each are in our own lives, to the realization of natures’ beauty that surrounds us when we are not too busy “doing”. Her words will sometimes melt you, sometimes make you cry, sometimes make you laugh. Her words will always make you think!” Namaste
- Cindy P.
“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your “Mindful Moments” posts. The post with William and Rocket made me weep. I don’t always comment but I need you to know that your honesty has helped me put perspective on many of my own struggles. What you refer to as “transparency”, I see as just plain generosity. Your struggles and solutions with William can be so daunting— but your love for him overpowers it all. Huge respect, my friend and thank you.”
- Karen S.
“The moments in this book are, as said, mindful. Not only are they mindful, but they are the most genuine of moments that any person could learn by. These moments have reminded myself of my own struggles, and have helped me to come to the realization that all things in life will have their ups and downs no matter the person. We find our peace and serenity in the things around us and Lisa has exposed the things that most of us take for granted. May this book bring you laughter, sadness, happiness, peace and this gentle reminder—We are all human and have flaws. All we can do is be mindful of those moments and push to find the silver lining in all things that challenge us. From a genuine person with the most amazing outlook on life, please enjoy all of the Mindful Moments here. Death is inevitable, lead the best life you can no matter what your moments may be.”
- John G.



About the Author
Lisa Mate has always turned life's challenges into opportunity. This book has a profound look into how she processes hope and possibility during a Pandemic while challenged with Autism struggles, isolation and despair. Lisa is a genuine person with an amazing outlook on life filled with gratitude and mindfulness.



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