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EJFS Episode 2: The Shadow State (Elite Justice Force Squad Series) by Michael J. Beasley

EJFS Episode 2: The Shadow State (Elite Justice Force Squad Series)

by Michael J. Beasley

518 pages
The EJFS saga continues as Abhu, and his best friend Singh embark on another journey to save the world from an evil, elusive cabal: The Shadow State, as they continue their quest to rid the world of corruption, terrorism, and tyranny.

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About the Book
In 2024, fourteen months following the apocalyptic events of Episode One, a new global threat begins to rear its ugly head. While encased inside a dragon-shaped amulet necklace once belonging to the late Ravan, Vritra's remains have changed hands in a newfound alliance between two Cold War-era foe nations.

A former biotech engineer for the fallen Final Wave terrorist organization Anastasia Zima establishes a foreign asset to her handler, POTUS Kenneth Hill, in their partnership with an elusive, seditious cabal named The Shadow State. Their objective is to form a new world order with Vritra's remains coupled with geoengineering experiments at the hands of a technological, evil mastermind, Jagmohan Gyan, based in New York City plot to topple the free world ahead of the imminent 2024 Presidential Election imperiling the nation and the entire planet.

Abhu (a.k.a. Caleb Porter) continues his career with a full year of experience under his belt at the Elite Justice Force Squad based in Atlanta, Georgia. Alongside his best friend and fellow stellar agent, Singh Puneet Sherpa, they both must work together with the entire EJFS to put a stop to the Shadow State before they attempt to accomplish their terrible goal. The race against time continues as the superagency encounters many dangers and obstacles in their quest to retain integrity, honesty, and justice in the political season while doing their best to protect humanity. Will the EJFS overcome all odds to bring down the Shadow State, or will the Shadow State overpower them and lead the rest of the world to their doom?


The Elite Justice Force Squad saga continues during the time of a looming election season. A seditious and secret cabal known as The Shadow State begins to rear its ugly head while casting a terrible omen over the world through weaponized espionage and weather warfare.

The story begins in the late-night hours in New York City on one rainy November night. An artifact buyer named Judson Clayborn from Upper Manhattan seeks out vital information regarding the whereabouts of the ancient necklace containing Vritra's dormant energy after Vritra was defeated in the previous year by both EJFS Agents Abhu and Singh.

He meets with a darkly-clad individual who has the information Clayborn is seeking. Soon enough, he falls into a trap set by The Shadow State to capture the expeditor to reprogram him into a Shadow State powerhouse operative to carry out a series of missions to accelerate the Shadow State's hostile takeover of the world, forming a New World Order.


EJFS Agents Abhu and Singh form romantic relationships with fellow agents Durga and Gangi, respectively. They enjoy a relaxing vacation at Singh's beachfront villa in Savannah, Georgia. Little did they know, both agents were bound to be called back into intense action in the field as they work together to prevent a global catastrophe from imperiling the world.


An intense lead-up to a contentious presidential election builds as an administration rife with corruption and questionable practices threatens the stability of the US amid the upcoming political season.


EJFS Chief Commander Khali leads the charge to bring down the Shadow State and all of those involved. His second-in-command, Raj, backs him up as they deploy teams to various locations in Europe to capture the Shadow State leader and secure the necklace of Vritra. The effort encounters difficulty as an evil tech giant, Jagmohan Gyan, geoengineers a monstrous hurricane to impact the nation before Election Day.

Can Abhu, Singh, and the rest of the EJFS expose and prevent the Shadow State from toppling the free world?


The journey spans the globe in multiple locations, including Atlanta, Georgia; New York; Washington D.C.; Hungary; Switzerland; Poland, and Belgium.


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About the Author
Michael J. Beasley Michael is a tech-savvy self-taught author who works as a Database Technician and Training Consultant for a local non-profit in the Seattle area. He began creative writing after discovering he had a knack for storytelling.



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