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NPE* A story guide for unexpected DNA discoveries: (*a non-paternity event - when 'Dad' is not your biological father) by Leeanne R. Hay

NPE* A story guide for unexpected DNA discoveries: (*a non-paternity event - when 'Dad' is not your biological father)

by Leeanne R. Hay

266 pages
Finding out that the man you call ‘Dad’ is not your biological father from a consumer DNA test can have a devastating impact. Now there is a story guide for people who make this discovery, their loved ones, and genealogists who uncover them.

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About the Book
Genealogy is a fun hobby until the results of a consumer DNA test reveal a devastating secret. NPE* A STORY GUIDE FOR UNEXPECTED DNA DISCOVERIES is an authentic resource for people uncovering a new identity, their loved ones, and genealogists who encounter NPEs in a family tree.

There is no more fundamental human need than to belong – first to a family, and then to others. My story and research over three years provide information and support to guide readers. Relatable insights and true stories are presented that address the initial shock of discovery, suggestions about communications, new ethnicities, family recognitions and rejections, and the history of illegitimacy.

NPEs are found in all races, religions, and socio-economic groups in every country where consumer DNA tests are sold. By 2022, 142 million people worldwide will take DNA tests for genealogy and medical information. Ten to fifteen percent will discover they are NPE, like me.

(*Non-paternity event is a genetic genealogy term for a break in the family line/name, when your ‘Dad’ is not your biological father.)


"... this book is wonderfully written - a balanced blend of storytelling, advice, and resources. Hay writes honestly and with deep emotion... Countless readers will be assisted in their life journeys of self-discovery by reading Hay's lovely book."
- The BookLife Prize 2021, Critic's Report (div. of Publishers Weekly)
"An insider’s impassioned, worthwhile look at the impact of the secrets revealed by DNA testing."
"... wonderfully written and compassionate book that will be a helpful resource for NPEs..."
- Dr. Jana L. Swart, Psychologist
"A fantastically interesting and important topic."
- Dr. Sara McDougall, Associate Professor of History, John Jay College of Criminal Justice



About the Author
Leeanne R. Hay Leeanne R. Hay is an award-winning freelance journalist based in Texas whose stories have appeared in The Dallas Morning News, regional magazines and literary journals. She is a graduate of Villanova University and has earned professional certificates from the Florida State University, College of Social Work in Trauma & Resilience.



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