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Us UNHINGED: Book-1 by Dr. Shila Patel, M.D.


by Dr. Shila Patel, M.D.

276 pages
The #MeToo Movement has unhinged us as a family. Americans are experiencing major mental health problems. We need to look at issues from a different perspective to find peace and foster responsibility within ourselves and others.

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Category: Social Science
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About the Book
The #MeToo Movement was sweeping the country in 2018. It has derailed the long-established relationship between men and women. Standing up to an individual who has abused you physically, sexually, or emotionally is imperative for your well-being. Bringing up abusive relationships from over ten years ago and accusing men of all sorts of crimes that eventually end their careers only continues the chaos in our society. The accused must have an opportunity to discuss the charges privately before they are tried prematurely in the court of public opinion.

Many men and women are silent and do not necessarily agree with the movementís direction to uncover every hint of abuse from many years ago. Thousands of women have joined this campaign because it is politically correct. Many fear retribution from the boisterous women leading the charge if they donít actively participate in the movement. In turn, men have stayed deafeningly silent. A voice must be given to those who are too afraid to speak up to the masses. All individuals must stand up and be the voice of reason. Their concerns must be heard.

The relationship between men and women in America has changed drastically from the middle of the twentieth century after World War II to today, in the twenty-first century. Social behaviors in the workplace and within the family that were acceptable then, are no longer tolerable today. Some of the changes that have come about from exposure of these events, will be beneficial but there is a downside to this movement as well. We need to examine all our relationships, with ourselves, our partners, and children throughout life. Without understanding the causes of abuse, we cannot look for solutions to create change and respect for all individuals. Men and women must take responsibility for their actions.

As a psychiatrist, I want to make you aware of the behavioral problems while offering solutions. You will receive an education about issues affecting everybodyís daily lives. The book starts with my own journey beginning in Africa, and what can happen to any young girl, anywhere. Working with patients who were dealing with traumatic events, over a span of over 25 years, has helped me understand the emotional toll it takes, and how to overcome it. I have traced a historical perspective on the plight of women through the centuries and within different cultures. I have offered hope for women in the future. Both men and women need to make changes and take responsibility to work through problems and have an improved home and a working relationship. Blaming others and not accepting the part you play in the dysfunction will only perpetuate the problems. This book could be a lifeline for many individuals who do not have a mentor to help them arrive at a better place. For those young people surviving in a dysfunctional family, maybe this book will guide them to become all they can be. Men and women will learn how to form lasting relationships. Men who remain single and cannot maintain a stable relationship may learn how to get past obstacles, especially if they desire closeness and want to secure companionship in their life. Topics on bonding and understanding the Yin and Yang may help with your social life.

Finally, I hope to plant seeds of change that require us to look at issues from a different perspective as citizens of the US, as a family unit, and as part of the global society. And individuals looking for a way forward after experiencing traumatic events will begin to heal and move forward in their lives.


US Unhinged delves into relevant challenges facing society today. Instead of turning to fear tactics, Dr. Patel turns to pragmatism and provides a language for important conversations; understanding how we got here and how we get out. Dr. Patel offers a dialogue rich in research and clinical experience.
- Catherine Kozen, Director Marketing
Dr. Patel unpacks her insightful, multinational approach and how it helps her reader gain a bigger picture on the issues plaguing our collective society today. These are important topics that everyone needs to gain perspective on and to truly think about. This work is timely, educational, and thought provoking.
- Jenifer M Brand, CMRP, Engineering Development Laboratory Manager
Dr. Patel takes you on a journey exploring the problems exhibited in American families today while offering a historical perspective and positive solutions for change. She is challenging all of us to reach for a higher standard of civility, morality, and responsibility to ourselves, our families, and our fellow citizens.
- Arthur D. Gottlieb, Retired Queensbury Middle School Principal, Queensbury, New York


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About the Author
Dr. Shila Patel, M.D. Dr. Patelís personal experiences from an Indian heritage to living in Africa, the United Kingdom and finally moving to America at the age of 26 years, transformed her into a global citizen. As a licensed, practicing psychiatrist with over 25 years of experience she worked with both children and adults.



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