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How to Survive in Third World Retirement: The Handbook by Pierre Renaldo

How to Survive in Third World Retirement: The Handbook

by Pierre Renaldo

107 pages
The ideal guide to third world retirement, how to get started on the right track and avoid the neumerous problems that so many unsuspecting people encounter by going about all the documentation the wrong way. A handbook outline for the everyday things that most people never thing about and then have problems with because they were not aware or informed. The dos and do nots for making your esistance a pleasurable experience instead of a nightmare.

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About the Book
Many people dream of the day when they can retire to some exotic place where they have vacationed and then enjoy the rest of their lives living in a paradise. It will be just like a long vacation, they dream, but there are many things that have to be done before the dream can begin. Things that require time and patience, some expenses too.

To best prepare one's self for the unexpected, often times maddening bureaucratic bumblings, this handbook walks you through the entire process and then describes all the little everyday "essentials" to help you get 'setteled-into' your new life.

All presented in a humorous vein, to help those retiring or moving into a third world circumstance; starting a business beginning a new career or just watching the grass grow. Entertaining while being informative, this handbook will describe some of the true first hand accounts and halarious experiences of the authors own journet to retirement in paradise, third world style. Fast moving, filled with essential information and advice for anyoine ever considering living in a third world country.



About the Author
Pierre Renaldo is a semi-retired general contractor living on Roatan, largest of the Bay Islands in the Western Caribbean, 30 miles off the north coast of Honduras. He has written several books on construction subjects. He is editor and author of Roatan Insights, a newsletter about the Bay Islands and the Western Caribbean, and also wirtes a weekly informational letter "Coastwatcher: Caribbean West, for a website that deals with tourism and life on the Bay Islands, and the North Coast of Honduras. Mr Renaldo has been a regular contributor to many magazines and newspapers, writing about hurricane resistant structures on the barrier islands and dangerous coastal areas of Florida.



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