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Shared Thread: Finding Fulfillment In At-Home Parenting by S.G.Birch

Shared Thread: Finding Fulfillment In At-Home Parenting

by S.G.Birch

146 pages
From coping with isolation to work-at-home ideas, Shared Thread covers the numerous aspects of at-home parenting. Includes 150 live links to great parenting and related websites.

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Category: Education
About the Book

"Why call it ‘Shared Thread'?" My husband asks me. I take a few moments to contemplate my response before attempting to answer.

"It's a name that came to me when I was feeling most alone" I respond. "When my world felt most tangled, like a billion strings going in different directions, I wondered if I was sitting alone on this path of life, or if there were other mothers out there who understood all of the implications of being a home parent."


Stay-at-home mothers are facing a new challenge in our fast-paced world. These are the women, who instead of using their freedom to work, have chosen to stay home and care for their children. These are the women who have found other alternatives, whether it be altering work hours, choosing to pursue a job from home, or living frugally at home, in order to spend more time raising their children.

The women who have learned to make the most of their years at home have led fulfilling and satisfying lives. The rewards of taking that time for herself and her children are numerous, the benefits significant. At-home mothers have the power to make those years an extraordinary spiritual journey, a meaningful time of connection to her children, her family and with herself.

With the help of many at-home and former at-home mothers, I have compiled a vast array of information, inspiration and insight for women choosing to be at home. We will journey through the financial alternatives, the spiritual enlightenment, and the imaginative options that make at-home parenting a delightful reality.

Join us as we examine, with the help of over 150 live links to interesting and informative web sites, the many ways of making these special years truly rewarding.



About the Author
S.G.Birch S.G.Birch is a mother and writer with work published at The Christian Science Monitor, The Canadian Writer's Journal and The Writing Parent. A graduate of psychology and sociology, she is also a Suite 101 editor and founder of "Excerpts Of Life", a newsletter for at-home parents.



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