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FAST Swim Program manual offers an easy to follow curriculum that has proven success with 20+ years of instructional use. The program advocates teaching participants bubbles & air technique while wearing properly fitted USCG-approved life jackets.

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About the Book
The purpose of this manual is to introduce an effective method of swim training for young children called FAST, Flotation Aided Swim Training program. FAST is a learn-to-swim program where instructors and parents utilize United States Coast Guard (USCG) approved Type III/V lifejackets.

The program will adhere to all AAP and CDC water safety guidelines to prevent any fatal or nonfatal incidents. Priority is given to the child’s developmental abilities. Participants will move progressively and developmentally to advanced levels with the assistance of parents and guardians. Linda Bolger, the program developer, has designed this innovative program following many years of successful instructional experience and research.


“I’m amazed that in a few short weeks my kids are swimming better than I have ever seen before and with correct strokes, breathing and confidence. They have learned how to approach the pool with safety in mind. As a family physician, I often have parents ask me what type of swim class would be best, I can now say without hesitation that your technique blending strong fundamentals, strength building with the puddle jumper followed by ability guided transition to no lifejacket is the safest and effective.”
- Reetu Grewal, MD FAAFP
“Our son, Vincent, was very fearful of the water even with a lifejacket on – until we began formal lessons with Linda Bolger. The use a lifejacket to help improve form and reinforce skills learned in the pool has been very beneficial. I feel the use of the lifejacket is a valuable teaching aid especially when the learner is experiencing fatigue. We cannot express how happy we are with our son’s new found love of the water and ability to swim.”
- Christine Mille-Piraino, DPM, DMM, PhD, FACCWS
“My 7-yr. old was frightened of the water and I was hesitant to try lessons as he was previously thrown in the pool without his lifejacket. Linda’s teaching method with a lifejacket allowed him to build his confidence in one lesson, took a kid who was terrified to even put his face in the water and ended with his swimming across half the pool. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself. It was simply an amazing technique and helped my son become a swimmer!”
- Angie Eva Colaiezzi, Psy.D.



About the Author
Linda Bolger is a retired Health and Physical Educator from Eastern High School in Voorhees, NJ. Linda earned a Master’s Degree in Health and Physical Education from Glassboro State College and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Physical Education from West Chester University. She has taught swimming lessons for over 50 years and operated a successful pool business. As a result of her master’s thesis, Linda authored the book, Dunk Your Doughnuts, Not Your Children (1988). In 2018, the Florida Department of Health approved the FAST Water Safety Instructor certification and in 2020 the NJ Department of Education and Department of Health approved the FAST Swim WSI Program as meeting the standards of the Red Cross or YMCA.

Through grants, FAST personnel teach swimming to New Jersey and Florida foster children. In addition, Linda created a lifejacket swim program for children with disabilities. She is beloved by all children she teaches and gained the nickname, Ms. Bubbles. Ms. Bubbles continues her passions while teaching swimming lessons in Northeast Florida and presenting at both AOAP and NDPA conferences in 2020 and 2021.



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