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KEY of GOD by Charles A. LaFleur


by Charles A. LaFleur

104 pages
The author has a keen interest in biblical studies, history and treasure hunting. He utilizes a Bible Code program to unravel historical details which have been enshrouded in mystery for years, retracing the steps of key biblical figures.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
The Key of God follows one manís journey to solve an ancient mystery, which leads him down a path of enlightenment, as age old clues surface and a modern computer is used to investigate. The search, enhanced by use of a Bible Code program, begins with The Last Supper. From there the author takes you through history following the recorded events of Procurator Pilate, St. Bernard de Clairvaux, Joseph of Arimathea, St. Peter, St. John and many more biblical notables. In more recent years, clues have been discovered in a famous 17th century painting and on an inscription, in stone, on a monument in England, created a century later.

The author ties these seemingly unrelated clues together using Bible Codes which have been shown to record the history of mankind, from beginning to end, as dictated by God to Moses. Ultimately, the final resting place of the Cup of Christ and the Ark of the Covenant is revealed.



About the Author
As a military veteran with 20+ years of service, the author had the opportunity to travel extensively which further sparked his curiosity for travel and adventure and the mysterious. It is only natural that he would pen Key of God, stirring up those elements on paper.



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