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Builders Back: Building a Strong & Healthy Back For Life by Adam K. Hansen

Builders Back: Building a Strong & Healthy Back For Life

by Adam K. Hansen

72 pages
Adam K Hansen is a tradesman who suffered lower back pain for years and developed a daily stretching routine to minimize pain and be able to continue working and living for many years to come. This book is for anyone suffering back pain.

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About the Book
Builders Back Building a Strong & Healthy Back For Life


Lower back pain affects people of all ages all over the world from minor aches and pains to debilitating chronic conditions. Lower back pain is also one of the leading causes of activity limitation and absence from work. This carries a high economic burden not only on the individual but on the families, communities, industries, and governments.


Adam K Hansen has combined his personal experience of lower back issues with over 30 years training and practicing Chinese Martial Arts and developed a low impact daily stretching routine that will allow you to build a strong and healthy back for life and reduce the intake of pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications.


This book allows you to take your life back and covers the combination of breath flow and applied mental intention to each stretch, so you can release deep-seated issues that ignited the condition in the first place.


Each move is carefully explained and takes you on a journey of self-discovery making you consciously aware of your body and how you are the captain of your own vessel.


I came to see Adam in my early 50ís with chronic back pain and thought my surfing and working days were all but over. Adam gave me a shiatsu massage which relieved the pain, then expressed if you donít want regular massage here is a morning stretching routine that will change your life and save your hip pocket. I have now practiced this routine every day for 10 years, and I am surfing and working pain free I cannot express enough how much this information has changed my life.
- Peter Truman
Working in the corporate and IT sector I am always sitting at the computer and let me tell you my back would be killing me at the end of the day to the point I would have to drop some pain killers. I discovered the Builders Back System and Adam showed me his back maintenance program which was basically miraculous. Once I had lengthened the muscles and had it as a regular routine my pain at the office dropped by over 90%. The amazing thing is that I can also use these stretches throughout the day at work if I feel any tension is coming on. I have also implemented it into some of my staff and productivity has definitely improved ."
- Scott Gellatly
I have just started reading this book and CANNOT STOP - itís incredible. The breath is SO important and I knew that - BUT - Iíve never read such an inspirational and healing book about breath and healing physical back pain. This is brilliant!
- Danielle L



About the Author
Adam Hansen with over 30 years martial arts experience continues to evolve his art to the highest levels, enabling his methods to help as many people as possible.

Adam holds a diploma of shiatsu, has achieved the master level in Kung Fu, Qigong, Tai Chi, Reiki, and Quantum Flow practitioner.



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