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GET MOVING! Moving With a Purpose by Michael K. Butler

GET MOVING! Moving With a Purpose

by Michael K. Butler

158 pages
Get Moving is a book that focuses on improving movement pattern problems. From this, the author gives the reader a solution to address these concerns through a series of illustrated pictures on how to live and move better.

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About the Book
Get Moving is an illustrated book concerning our movement pattern problems. It focuses on the roadblocks that keep us from moving better. These roadblocks include organ and soft tissue stagnation which can eventually lead to disease. It takes a holistic approach to healing the body from the inside out. The author takes the reader on a journey to understanding what optimal health is all about. He will show world wide statistics on how much of the world is being affected by not moving enough. He will show the reader how sitting has become the new smoking. Statistics will show that sitting an average of eight hours a day will eventually lead to disease somewhere in the body. One of the biggest roadblocks is inflammation. The reader will be educated on why we get inflammation and how to address this uncomfortable condition. What we eat, how we handle stress and how much we move can either rid the body of this, or live with it everyday.

Get Moving addresses an individuals concern regarding active daily living movements. This includes everyday tasks like making the bad, lifting grocery bags, putting away the dishes or doing laundry. There are very few books out on the market that discuss these concerns. Get Moving will break each movement down and show the reader how to address each one and try alternative ways to improve the movement quality.

So much of life requires us to stay on task in order to complete our tasks. What people don’t realize is the importance of nutrition, sleep, hydration relaxation has on how we operate everyday. Without the balance of these important life sources comes the breakdown of our systems. When we get on a schedule we negate to add in these factors that are essential to living with vitality.

Next comes the question that is always asked “What do I do with this information”. Get Moving will give the reader illustrated daily exercises, and a warm up program! First is understanding the movement patterns , then next is to work on them. The advantage of having a daily warm up program is that it will get us to be accountable for our health. Each warm up includes breathing and preparing the body for the day. It addresses each body part and if there are limitations with a particular movement then you only go as far as the body wants to go.

Finally, the reader will be given resources to address pain, tightness and other roadblocks , these include Active Release Techniques, massage, Tai Chi, Reiki, yoga and meditation. These modalities are all proven to improve movement quality, and put you back on track to optimal wellness. Also you can expect to be given information on what basic equipment/accessories you will need to get started. What the reader will get from this , is if you have a busy schedule you don’t need a gym or workout facility. Most of this can be done from home.

Get Moving is based on over 30 years of research and hands on contact with clients. The author’s challenge throughout his career was how he could find away to affect mass groups of people and get them to understand the importance of movement! Writing this book allowed him to give back to the world his knowledge and passion when it comes to health and fitness.


This book gave me the information to transform my life
- JR
I highly recommend this book as a resource for anybody wanting to live life again without pain
- Sallie
Great book! I learned how to get inflammation out of my sore knees.. now I am running again!
- John



About the Author
Michael has been educated by some of the worlds finest strength coaches and wellness practitioners in order to give his clients the best possible fitness programs and therapy sessions. He holds many national certifications in strength and conditioning, he is an accomplished author, inventor(Neck Buddy), healer and mentor to many athletes/clients.



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