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by Michael W Falls

228 pages
Lieutenant Louis Vetters, a retired Chicago Police Detective now working private, drawn into the murder of an aspiring young black artist, whose grandfather is a rich and powerful attorney, and the philandering of a neighbor's sizzling hot wife.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery:Detective
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About the Book
Louis Vetters is a recently retired Chicago Police Detective, one of the sharpest and most- respected cops on the force, who now works as a Private Investigator.

He is drawn in to the murder of an aspiring young black artist on Chicago's South Side, who happens to be the grandson of a wealthy, powerful and demanding head of a major law firm in the loop.

With a promise of "no questions asked and money is no object," Louis takes on the case, soon finding himself doing a solo act against the Chicago gangs, though he isn't even sure they're involved. His health, his wife's and family's is soon under threat.

Louis also has reluctantly agreed to investigate the philandering of his neighbor's sizzling hot wife, hesitant because his neighbor is big enough and mad enough to break the guy in two when Louis finds him.



About the Author
Michael W Falls I have lived in many places across the United States. I've been a public manager for about half my career and then an actor, with numerous other occupations among and between, all preparing me to be the writer I am. I published my first novel "The Debt" in 2016.



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