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The Pandemic Parade by Jeanna Brady & Norma Hellman, Illustrated by Mary Lou Cowden

The Pandemic Parade

by Jeanna Brady & Norma Hellman, Illustrated by Mary Lou Cowden

32 pages
Celebrate a birthday during a pandemic?! The answer becomes a surprise for school friends. The amusing illustrations help to tell a story of disappointed feelings that take a turn into the perfect celebration, minus the cake and the ice cream.

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Category: Children
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About the Book
When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit during the spring of 2020, we were all told to stay inside away from friends, teachers, and a community that helped inspire learning and create important social interactions.
The Pandemic Parade, follows Molly as she is inspired to help others cope during isolation. Much like the characters they write about, the authors were in encouraged as “parades” for those in isolation were planned to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones all over the country.
The authors hope that this book will start a conversation in classrooms and at home about the power of relationships.



About the Author
Jeanna Brady & Norma Hellman, Illustrated by Mary Lou Cowden

Jeanna, has been an educator since 2001. She loves reading, writing, and producing creative art designs. Jeanna, along with her husband, Chris are the proud parents of two boys. She can be found cheering them on from the sidelines of basketball courts and football fields.

Norma, an Elementary School Teacher and an Elementary School Librarian, worked for the Amarillo and Lubbock Public School Districts.  Sharing the love of reading has delighted the imaginations of countless children.  

Mary Lou developed her storytelling abilities through illustrations while working in a children’s library. She has designed and painted outstanding murals in schools and libraries. From the wildflowers of Texas, to the deep blue ocean, her art has captured the interest of all.



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