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The Sales Minute: 101 Tips for Retail Salespeople by Peter Smith

The Sales Minute: 101 Tips for Retail Salespeople

by Peter Smith

228 pages
The Sales Minute is a short-form book for retail salespeople that covers 101 sales tips. The book can be used ongoing as a reference to drive positive sales habits and behaviors, built on real-world experience, and sales psychology.

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About the Book
The Sales Minute is a great companion piece for salespeople who are committed to improved performance, and for sales managers looking for interesting content for sales meetings.

Packed with 101 short tips, The Sales Minute can accessed ongoing and put into practice during the course of the day.

Smith delves into the obvious, such as why smiling matters, and why we ought to thank customers even when they don't make a purchase, and the less obvious, such as why furniture might not be your friend, why hiding your lips is a bad idea, and why more options for a customer is not a good thing.

Smith combines real-world pragmatism, sales psychology, body language, and consumer behavior into an easily digested format that can be read from cover to cover in an hour or two, and re-visited again and again for improved sales performance.



About the Author
Peter Smith Peter Smith is a luxury-brand executive with thirty-five years’ experience in team building, hiring and sales. He is the author of three books, The Sales Minute, Hiring Squirrels and Sell Something and a columnist for National Jeweler and The Jewelry Book, where he writes about the retail experience, and sales psychology.



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