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Friends Faceoff by Stephen Arnold Taylor

Friends Faceoff

by Stephen Arnold Taylor

258 pages
A social group called the POETS Society, (Phooey On Everything Tomorrow's Saturday) plans a party based on social media friends. The planning of this Friends Faceoff event becomes the catalyst for the development of love, mystery and suspense.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery:Private Investigators
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About the Book
Billy Mac Logan, a private investigator, and Dr. JoAnn Underwood, psychologist, brilliantly weave through a web of deceit and mystery to help solve a crime the FBI has been investigating for years.


I have known this author personally for 37 years. Therefore I know his capacity for creativity. What I expected to be good was really good, especially for a first time author...
- Myra R.
I could not put this book down. Once I started reading it, particularly after the party, I was always in suspense to the very end.
- Steve L.
I believe I have just finished the first of many great reads I now look forward to from Stephen A. Taylor. You will love this book and be entertained on every single page.
- Ron C.



About the Author
As a professional singer and actor, Stephen knows how to tell a story. He draws on his friendships and his natural creativity and wit to craft this story of suspense. And, he don't sweat much for a fat man.



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