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The Battle of The Sexes: It's Been Downhill Since The Garden by H.R. Boaz

The Battle of The Sexes: It's Been Downhill Since The Garden

by H.R. Boaz

538 pages
Today, few healthy role models for female/male relationship exist in any culture. What does God’s Word really say about how women and men are to relate? Does the Bible say what we’ve been told that it says? You might be surprised!

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Category: Religion:Criticism And Interpretation
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About the Book
“The Battle of the Sexes” explores how the Word of God (YHWH), both the Old Testament and the New Testament, has been twisted to support a narrative that is not in the Scriptures. Traditional translations and teachings of the Bible have either presumed or assumed that men are given power and dominion over women. But nowhere in the Bible is this statement made, not even in Genesis (Bereishis) 3:16, “And your husband will rule over you,” which is not spoken as an imperative but rather as a prophecy. The original Hebrew language of the first five books of Moses, also known as the Torah (Old Testament), tells a very different story of the primal couple. A story that is contrary to what is often taught in all religions that use the Word of YHWH as their foundation – namely, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

With an abbreviated overview of human history as told from YHWH’s point of view, we discover a connection of how all cultures have come to share similar myths, legends and stories with the Torah. And how these ancient archetypes of good and evil have been misused to support a psychological and socio-political advantage of men over women.

Likewise, a brief foray into the unique Hebrew language, the ancient language in which YHWH created our world, and dictated the Torah to Moses provides proof that the Word of God is indeed communication from another dimension. Like a massive encrypted message, the Torah includes multiple levels of God-given “fences” that protect the Word of God from man’s distorted perspective. The Hebrew language itself provides the most significant “fence.” Like no other language each Hebrew word defines itself by the letters that make up the word. This is only one feature of the holy text that assures that the instructions of YHWH remain intact, regardless of man’s interpretations.

“The Battle of the Sexes” is an examination, from a fresh viewpoint, into the issues that arise between the genders, which stem from the original disobedience of God’s one instruction by the primal couple in the Garden of Eden (Gan Eden). We see a more complete perspective of who did what in the initial defiance, and how we continue to struggle in the female/male relationship with those very same issues first raised in Gan Eden. Moreover, with clarity, the Hebrew language reveals a much greater significance of the female to the human experience than is typically taught in any religion. Exposed in her Hebrew name (which is not usually translated properly) is her irrefutable role in God’s plan of salvation for the human race.

God did not make women subservient to men, and YHWH did not give men or women dominion over anything but the animals, and the earth to utilize as God intends. Humanity is to work together, not to manipulate or fight to assume power over one another. Nowhere is this idea more consequential than in the marriage relationship. Being the preeminent human relationship, YHWH presents marriage as the foundation for all other human relationships, from Bereishis, the beginning creation of our world, and the human creature.

Undergirding the arrogant, impudent presumption that men are to rule over women is the equally destructive fallacy that God is masculine. The Battle of the Sexes explores how from the initial verses and chapters of the first book of Torah, the book of Genesis, we begin to understand how, as the Jewish Sages say, with the change of one letter the world is destroyed. With the misinterpretation and misunderstanding of one Hebrew word, "adam," our modern grasp of the essence of YHWH and the female/male relationship, as described in Torah, has been distorted, and all but destroyed.

The Battle of the Sexes is sure to, not only answer, but raise many questions regarding the female/male relationship as well as humanities' relationship with God.



About the Author
H.R. Boaz is a spouse, a parent and a grandparent; formally educated according to worldly knowledge: psychology and counseling. Studying Christianity and Judaism, H.R. was surprised to learn what is rarely taught - God is both female and male essence. H.R. believes this reality might begin to heal the world.



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