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Success in the Technology Field: A GUIDE FOR ADVANCING YOUR CAREER by Richard A. Spires

Success in the Technology Field: A GUIDE FOR ADVANCING YOUR CAREER

by Richard A. Spires

176 pages
Success in the Technology Field is a “how-to” guide for your career. It presents a model of skills and behaviors to help attain your career goals, whether you aspire to be an executive, a leading technologist, or a successful salesperson.

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About the Book
Success in the Technology Field is a practical “how-to” guide for a career in technology. There are countless books, textbooks, articles, and training courses that cover all manner of technical disciplines, especially in the areas of information technology and cybersecurity. Whether dealing with technical theory, practical application of a particular technology, or the process and management disciplines needed to implement and operate technology effectively, there is available material across all technical and process disciplines. Yet, when it comes to how a technologist or someone choosing to work in the technology field plans and advances a career, surprisingly little material exists.

Every individual is unique, and how someone defines success in their career will differ markedly from others. Yet, within the technology field, there are critical knowledge, skills, and behaviors that, if pursued and adopted, provide a significantly improved chance of career advancement, irrespective of how one defines career success. Richard Spires learned lessons regarding these critical knowledge, skills, and behaviors in his journey, both based on his own experiences and by observing many others in the technology field. And these lessons apply to everyone in technology-related disciplines, whether someone is a software developer, a project manager, or a salesperson for a corporation offering technology-based solutions.

Based on these lessons, Richard presents twelve practical, tangible recommendations in Success in the Technology Field. Some of the recommendations involve adopting crucial behaviors that apply throughout your career. Other recommendations are actions you should take, some more relevant early in your career, and others more relevant later in your career. The recommendations are grouped by career phases to help you visualize your career arc. Through this structure, these recommendations can serve as a career planning aid, supporting you in developing new skills and abilities and adopting the behaviors needed for success in the technology field. These recommendations don’t define your success or journey, but they help you determine what success looks like for you in the technology field and what steps you should take on your journey.


I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a book. Richard's book is the magic that helped him achieve more than he could have ever dreamed! It is a must read wherever you are in your journey.
- Melvin Brown II, Federal Government Senior Executive
Richard Spires is an experienced and passionate leader. He believes in giving back and supporting the success of others. Through his book, he gives a gift to the IT community by providing a thoughtful and practical guide on being successful in IT. Thank you, Richard.
- Renee P. Wynn, former CIO of NASA
Richard has distilled his experiences and lessons learned from an impressive career in Information Technology into concise recommendations that are both insightful and common sense. It is destined to become a must read for those embarking on their career in one of the IT disciplines.
- Robert Shay, former partner at Ernst & Young


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About the Author
Richard A. Spires Richard Spires has spent more than three decades in the technology field, culminating in serving as the CIO of one of the world’s largest government agencies and the CEO of a leading IT workforce development company. He has been recognized numerous times with awards for his leadership in IT.



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