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Felix Prince of Cats and Mitch the Great Storm of the Century by Pierre Renaldo

Felix Prince of Cats and Mitch the Great Storm of the Century

by Pierre Renaldo

85 pages
It is a recounting about an unusual family, their adventures and experiences just prior to and during one of the most devastating natural disasters of the century.

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Category: Fiction
About the Book
A story for cat lovers and tragedy vultures of all ages, the Felix and Mitch saga begins with a wastrel gray kitten charming his way into the lives of an unsuspecting couple who never expected any kind of involvement with cats. This wonderful experience, with just one cat, leads on to an experiment that will captivate the hearts of animal lovers anywhere. The characters, many of them fun loving felines, are as real as people. They are heartwarming, lovable and memorable. Then the big storm, brings the survival adventure of an island and its people in great peril without knowing how close they will come to the brink of Armageddon . And then the horrific truths found on the mainland, great loss of life, communities erased from the face of the earth, and nothing left alive. It is a story about love, different kinds of love, and of great sorrow, the sorrows of a people already destitute, left ravaged and even more impoverished by a savage natural disaster!



About the Author
Pierre Renaldo Pierre Renaldo, together with his wife and feline family, lives on the Island of Roatan one of the Bay Islands of Honduras, in the Caribbean Sea. He is author/editor of Roatan Insights, a monthly newsletter/magazine. He has been a regular contributor to several newspapers and regional periodicals.



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