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Reaching Heaven on Earth: A Soul's Journey Home by Scott Hiegel

Reaching Heaven on Earth: A Soul's Journey Home

by Scott Hiegel

366 pages
Please come along with me, a regular person who was suddenly catapulted into a wondrous new world by a series of unexpected events. A world that brings greater meaning, deeper love and a happy ending. The future is bright and can be trusted.

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About the Book
In my book Reaching Heaven on Earth: A Soul’s Journey Home, I describe how I was suddenly catapulted into a wondrous new world by a series of unexpected events, a world that brings greater meaning, deeper love and a happy ending.

I relate some profound events and perceptions that have occurred in this new world. These experiences were pointing to my true path and life purpose as well as my True Self. I believe they are indications of a future destiny that awaits us all.

Humanity is on the brink of taking a giant step into a fascinating unseen, unbounded inner universe of our minds; a universe which in size and intrigue dwarfs the physical universe. In it we will find treasures beyond our imagination, new solutions to our present day problems and the answer to the riddle of life.

Speaking from my own life experience, I believe higher states of consciousness are the next goal of human evolution. I discuss how the Indian sage Gopi Krishna (1903-1984) advanced the groundbreaking theory that there is a common biological process in every human being called Kundalini, and that human evolution is planned. Kundalini is an intelligent force and mechanism in the body, which underlies the further evolution and upgrading of the human brain and the transformation of consciousness. The zenith of this higher state of consciousness was termed “Cosmic Consciousness” by Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke in his 1901 landmark book, Cosmic Consciousness - A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind.

The Cosmic Conscious mind might represent what has been referred to metaphorically in the spiritual, religious, and secular literature of the world as Paradise, Bliss, Samadhi, Nirvana, the Holy Grail, Heaven, and finally the Treasure Within. 

Gopi Krishna said in his book Higher Consciousness and Kundalini, “Imagined in the context of the potentialities present in Kundalini, the vision of the future is so alluring, so full of beauty and majesty, so replete with astounding achievements and possibilities for the race, that it is not possible to draw even a distant image of it.”
My story describes my lifelong journey from a normal state of mind to a more powerful, peaceful, happy and sublime state of consciousness. It is the story of my rise, fall, and rise again from the ashes.

I describe my experience with Kundalini energy and how this Intelligence within led me to live a simpler and healthier life in support of this process. I relate certain spiritual and personal practices I used to recover, heal, grow, and love through the Kundalini process. I share some of the physiological and psychological manifestations of Kundalini, as well as some of the psychic experiences and mental instabilities I experienced. And I relay the amazing gifts and talents that can result from the Intelligent Light of Kundalini and our spiritual unfoldment. Finally, I describe the wondrous state of consciousness I am experiencing today and how Kundalini and higher states of consciousness opened up a new vista of creation, as well as a wider understanding of the meaning, purpose and unity of life.

I have endeavored to share a personal story which reflects and embodies the hopeful new universal paradigm that Kundalini represents. My goal is to share a story which inspires and intrigues, yet reaches beyond the human intellect, to deeply touch the human heart and soul.

I also share 11 poetic verses that summarize key milestones of my journey to this new state of consciousness as well as describe different facets of my voyage and this new dimension of mind. The journey of the verses began for me in a place of great fear and uncertainty and ended in a place of joy, inner peace, beauty, happiness and love.

Most importantly, I believe that Kundalini represents a bridge from an uncertain present to a bright future for the human race.



About the Author
Scott Hiegel Scott Hiegel is an entrepreneur, investment banker and writer. He loves to speak about the stunning gifts of higher states of consciousness, the revolutionary theory of Kundalini, humanity’s bright future, and his lifelong search for inner peace, the Divine and Love. He enjoys traveling, sports, music and 12-step meetings.



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