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Lost River by Grace Hawthorne

Lost River

by Grace Hawthorne

320 pages
On the surface, Lost River is a typical Georgia town in 1949, but underneath, it’s a whole different story.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
Everybody in Lost River has a story of survival, even the dogs.

There are big stories like the Bataan Death March, the Spanish Flu epidemic and POW camps in Georgia.

And small stories like how Inky got his name, how Boot found a home, how the women hornswoggled the men in an election and how a little doohickey saved the town from financial ruin.

Small towns and the people who live in them are tough, resilient, optimistic and sometimes downright funny.

It’s only when you learn their back stories that you can appreciate who they really are. Welcome to Lost River.


“Loved the back stories of the characters. Lost River really got me to thinking about my small town in Arkansas and wondering what hidden stories lurked there.”
- Bobbie Davis, Teacher, Palo Alto (retired)
I grew up in upstate New York. My father’s medical partner was a Dr. Nichols. My dog, was just like Boot. My parents were friends with a Conti family. Our mayor embezzled a sizeable amount of money and skipped town. It was all there just with a southern accent.”
- Phil Pritchard, President, Friends of Peachtree Hills Park
“Your writing is a dichotomy of seriousness and humor that works superbly together. I’d recommend Lost River to anyone who is curious about small towns and interested in people.”
- Ellen Herscher, Columnist, LaGrange Standard and News


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About the Author
Grace Hawthorne Grace Hawthorne, an award-winning author, has written everything from ad copy for septic tanks, to an opera libretto, corporate histories and lyrics for Sesame Street.

She has lived in New Jersey, Louisiana, Texas, Europe and New York City. She and her husband live in Atlanta with a cat named Boots.



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