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ANCHORED: Closing Life-Challenge by Janice R Hunt

ANCHORED: Closing Life-Challenge

by Janice R Hunt

280 pages
A group of frail elderly residents of a Riverworld town venture into a Closing Life-Challenge from their Creator God. Reverend Gideon leads his childhood peers into an epic legacy adventure-birthing a fountainhead of spiritual comfort and grace.

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Category: Fiction:Christian
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About the Book
The fiction novel ANCHORED: Closing Life-Challenge launches an unprecedented living legacy called the parenting paradox.

The setting is an allegorical Rivertown-world, in this southern Appalachian community where threads are woven by characters, folklore, custom, and wisdom into the exceptional masterpiece of the recipient, Charity Grace.

Frequent mention of The Oak’s elementary school teacher and the life lessons he taught 60+ years prior, reveal the beacon of light he continues to be.

The Reverend Gideon, a Hospice ladened elderly African-American, (who pastors a prudent group—mostly white, of his peers from childhood—called the Oaks,) demonstrates being what his Lord called a ‘Valliant Warrior’.

Reverend Gideon is given this Closing Life-Challenge from the Lord, furthering his life’s passions into an adoption and along the way reaches into the soul of his antagonist-rooting out unforgiveness held toward his father after the unexplained death of his mother.

The power of forgiveness holds the key to many avenues of growth in the Oaks as well as their many branches that have been damaged through the years.

The power of prayer is demonstrated through the faith and perseverance of one of the Oaks.

Endowed with the living legacy is the abandoned infant. Each of the Oaks find their calling in this parenting paradox.

Mystery surrounds an unsolved death from the past. As the clues are unraveled, the Closing Life-Challenge Anchors this town and others to the hope that they discover.



About the Author
Janice R Hunt Janice maintains a volunteer path that shows her spirit of a living legacy that will birth a fountainhead of comfort and grace. Retired from administration in Assisted Living after 25 years, she is a pastor’s wife and mother to 3 sons whose families all serve in ministry.



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