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How to Get Rid of Psychopaths in Politics - And of Others Medically Unfit by Jacques Chaoulli, MD MA Ed

How to Get Rid of Psychopaths in Politics - And of Others Medically Unfit

by Jacques Chaoulli, MD MA Ed

118 pages
Sitting politicians have shown their unwillingness to remove from public office a psychopath like Trump, and to prevent him from running for office again. All politicians should undergo a mandatory health check.

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Category: Politics
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About the Book
For ages, around the world, too often people have been ruled by politicians, either psychopaths or affected by another mental or physical illness, rendering them inapt to assume, in the public interest, the powers and duties of office.

This book exposes the historical background that led to the current situation. Politicians have framed the Constitution in order to be exempted from any compulsory and binding medical examination by independent medical experts, and they prohibited citizens from directly amending the Constitution in order, among other things, to precisely make said medical examinations compulsory and binding for all politicians. It provides several examples of detrimental effects to the common good from such a situation, both at the national level, in terms of public safety, and at an international level, for example with the illegal invasion of Iraq ordered by an unhinged commander in chief, George W. Bush, with no fear of condemnation by the United-Nations Security Council, since the US hold a veto power against any potential condemnation. That war led to catastrophic consequences worldwide, like the birth of the Islamic State.

This book also highlights the fact that political parties donít prevent medically unfit candidates from running for the primaries, let alone from running for the presidency. While it is common practice for applicants looking for a job to have to undergo such medical examination, especially for military personnel handling nuclear weapons, it is just unbelievable that the commander in chief, enjoying the power of deciding the use of nuclear weapons, is not subject to a compulsory mental health examination by independent medical experts. In Western countries, too many citizens are not cooperating enough for the common good. They are defiant from each other. They believe that human nature is bad, that virtue in politics is just impossible. As a result, either they focus on their own self-interests, or they go to the streets for violent protests against a political system they see corrupt. To the contrary, recent scientific discoveries show that healthy human beings are prone to altruism, that they are far from being only a few out of the general population, and that a change in the political system could enable them to enter in politics for the common good.

This book finally proposes a common-sense and detailed solution for voters, whatever their political affiliations, to regroup and to require from their elected representatives specific constitutional amendments outlined in this book.


"The methodological approach, including the underlying philosophical and medical aspects, gives all the scope to this essay."
- Jean-Jacques Blasco
"A great work, very important."
- Kamran Naeim



About the Author
Medical Doctor, winner of a landmark ruling before the Canadian Supreme Court, in favor of patients, representing himself without a lawyer, with a decisive influence on healthcare reforms in California, Massachusetts, and of President Obama. Praised by the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Speaker US House of Representatives.



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