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THE RENNINGTON CHRONICLES: The Night Professor by PF Felix


by PF Felix

350 pages
Amyra was sentenced to hard labor at a bleak academy, only to learn her dilemma wasn’t random. She was lured there by something sinister; something dark. Love and deceit can often play kindred spirits in a race for your very soul.

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Category: Fiction:Thriller:Supernatural
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About the Book
“Freedom is a fool’s paradox... even the devil gets his due, eventually”. Such was the mantra of Amyra Rose Moore. Before it all went to sh*t, Amyra’s life was blissfully centered. As the comely daughter of a West Coast socialite and pillar of her law school's LGBTQ-collegiate society, nothing could stop this rising L-gunner; that was… until that fatal-night. After being convicted for her involvement in her biracial girlfriend's accidental death, causing insatiable media frenzies, and death-threats to ensue. To ensure her daughter’s protection, her mother (the town’s mayor) struck a secret deal forcing Amyra into hard servitude at a distant boarding school located in the middle of nowhere New England-town of ‘Rennington’ for the duration of her sentence. Upon arrival, she notices strange occurrences happening throughout the town via its reconstruction efforts; as an outside entity, MalCORP seemed to be funding the endeavor single-handedly without question.

When all seemed lost, she encounters a newly on-boarded professor who immediately took the school by storm. As she learns to adjust to her situation, an old trouble resurfaces, causing her to cower until a near-death experience prostrates her to remain at the school, as if fated. Later, Amyra is taken on a journey where she and the recently acquired teacher venture together, forming a solid friendship that churns into something unexpected. While their friendly liaison aggrandizes, the unusual occurrences happening in the woods behind the academy suddenly bring to light the deadly truth of the town’s cryptic past, as well as the pernicious reasoning behind why Amyra was truly brought there.


"RC-TNP is truly a remarkable play on the dark sides to love and life. Even the dark elements in this story felt more practical than fictional; as I felt sorry for all that the protagonist suffered but realized that the intent was actually noble. This book is truly a page-turner!"
- T.J.
"From the moment I read the first chapter, I was easily hooked but in an eerie way. For me, remnants from my city's "Ghostship Fire" (Dec 2016) began to resurface aphotic memories of those dreaded nights. I was both spooked and speechless. PF is a real talent; could King have met his match?"
- R. S.
"I was given the first chapter to review and can't wait to read more. The story was so dark but in a good 80's retro-horror kinda way. Super cool!!!"
- Reg D.



About the Author
PF Felix was born in the West Indies but became a US citizen in 2004. “The Night Professor” is her debut novel and the first of THE RENNINGTON CHRONICLES series. As a trained project manager, PF has worked for many notable industries (i.e., education, healthcare… and now, municipality). However, PF’s true passion is in writing romance-thrillers, all with a dark, perceptible pragmatism for your enjoyment. With a B.S. in Management Information Systems, combined with a plethora of industry certifications, and two decades of relevant writing expertise, PF longs to take readers on a decadent journey that will explore the wicked entrapment game of love. One that seems to curse more than cure; hinder than heal and bind instead of free.



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