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The Audacious Great Singing School Adventure by Robert Gottfried

The Audacious Great Singing School Adventure

by Robert Gottfried

84 pages
This whimsical fable imaginatively re-casts the Gospel story of God’s love affair with all of creation, capturing the imagination and challenging the mind with its glimpse of God’s breathtaking vision for the world.

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Category: Fiction:Christian
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About the Book

Ever wonder why many people feel closer to God in nature than anywhere else? Does God love everything or only humans? Why did God become a human? And what’s God up to anyway? Starting with an eternal jazz trio that decided, before time began, that it would love to share the joy of Music-making with others, the Audacious Great Singing School Adventure explores these and other theological themes in a playful imaginative re-casting of the Gospel story. It also serves as an entertaining source of inspiration and insight for those just getting into spirituality as well as for those seeking to deepen their spiritual journey.

While orthodox in content, the fable presents Christianity in a fresh way relevant to a world in environmental and social upheaval. Those interested in what Christianity has to say to such a world will find this engaging musical story enlightening regardless of their own faith perspectives while those identifying themselves as Christians will find their faith deepened and enlivened. A discussion guide to the fable is available for free download.


“ … a rarity, a theological meditation … in the form of an allegorical novel, … a winsome, highly readable way … to join the ‘mighty chorus which the morning stars began,’ and help both ourselves and the whole creation heal.”
- The Rt. Rev. Dr. Marc Andrus, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of California
“… a delightful, hopeful and affirming retelling of the Christian gospel story … a high-energy narrative about diversity, harmony, belonging, listening.”
- Richard Nisbett, Community ecologist/anthropologist; Moderator, Iona Community Whole Creation Network
“What a lovely story! Gottfried’s exuberance for life and creation jumps off of the page …”
- Jill Phillips, Singer-songwriter



About the Author
Robert Gottfried directs the Center for Religion and Environment at the University of the South. Author of Living in an Icon: A Program for Growing Closer to Creation and to God and Economics, Ecology and the Roots of Western Faith, he plays and sings Latin American, Appalachian, and classical music.



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