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Behold the Holy One: a deeper look at God's infinitude by Igor V. Kovalishin

Behold the Holy One: a deeper look at God's infinitude

by Igor V. Kovalishin

214 pages
A look at God with scientific consideration.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
The concept of God's infinitude has fascinated many people throughout the history of the planet Earth, including the author. This book reviews some of the existing ideas of who God is and takes a deeper look at God's infinitude. It approaches Him with the current scientific knowledge in mind and shows the reader that the existence of God as described in the Bible is only confirmed by it. The implications of the existence of multiple dimensions and what complexities this introduces is also examined. Some of the questions asked by atheists are addressed in the light of these complexities. In concluding chapter a look is taken at Heaven with the infinitude of God taken into consideration.

This book has been written for a wide range of audiences, ranging from a militant atheist to a staunch Bible believer. It would be appreciated by even the least theologically educated church member. The author hopes to inspire the reader to seek after God and the riches of beauty and wisdom that are hidden within Him. His prayer is that this seeking will raise the church to a great vision of God and His Glory.



About the Author
Igor V Kovalishin has been involved in various church ministries including Sunday School, Youth Ministry, Missionary, Educational and Administrative Work for over 15 years. This book was born from a desire to share some of the insights learned during this time.



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