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Crown Up by Esther Dale

Crown Up

by Esther Dale

260 pages
In the allegory Crown Up, Aneta learns how to trust her father and deal with her daily battles. She strives to plant a church with a small group of friends in a spiritually threatening environment.

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Category: Fiction:Christian
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About the Book
Aneta was not always a Christian. She fell, and when she came back to Christ, He had a mission for her: she had to plant a church. This alone intimidated Aneta, not to mention the group of people also planting this church seemed much more skilled and qualified for the job. Naturally, there were multiple roadblocks that stood before Aneta, seemingly unwilling to budge. Aneta struggled through the first few trials—meeting a die-hard atheist, encountering her ex-boyfriend, and battling her own depression. She wanted to quit. But without fail, her Heavenly Father encouraged her, and she was able to stand up and continue the good fight.

At first, Aneta had been unsure about her identity as a child of the One True King. Should she wear her crown? Should she hide it? It did not take long for Aneta to realize that her identity as a Christian was more important than her shy nature. Nevertheless, the trials never seemed to end. Devious men stood in her way, wanting to halt her progress. Her own anxiety almost got the better of her. At many points, it took every ounce of trust in God and courage in herself to push through. Building a church seemed to get harder and harder with no way out. Finally, yet again, she is faced with the everlasting decision of whether or not she should keep her crown. Does she throw it to the ground and stop the near-impossible endeavor? Does she strive forward in boldness? What would Aneta decide?



About the Author
Esther Dale is a young woman with a passion for writing good Christian fiction. She grew up in Wisconsin and in the summer of 2015, she began writing as a hobby. It only took a couple years for her to decide she wanted to publish.



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