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Sunsets & Margaritas by Christine Lynn Lourenco

Sunsets & Margaritas

by Christine Lynn Lourenco

154 pages
Alexandria Thompson, daughter of a famous actor, is living in LA. She wants to escape her last name and moves to the Jersey Shore. No one knows she is the daughter of the famous actor. How will it turn out when people find out who she really is?

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Category: Fiction:Romance:New Adult
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About the Book
"Sunsets & Margaritas" is a book that centers around the main character Alexandria Thompson, daughter of a famous actor, who is living in Los Angeles working for a major event company. Her passion though is giving back to the community, and the Los Angeles lifestyle and her last name doesn't allow her to make genuine friends and the opportunity to make a difference. Giving back was taught to her by Bennie, who helped raise her.

Alexandria moves across the country to the Jersey Shore for a new job in the event business whose events all give back to the local community. She now goes by "Ria". No one knows she is the daughter of the famous actor, and she has built friendships and a career that are finally meaningful. She also falls in love with Matt, her co-worker, who grew up in poverty. She is afraid to tell Matt who she really is. Only her neighbor Roger knows the truth.

Will Matt accept that Alexandria comes from money and grew up with a backyard the size of Disneyland? And, will her father, Alexander Thompson - the famous actor, ever really be a part of her life? Or, will Alexander continue on his road of fame and ego, and leave Alexandria behind?

Alexandria looks to the picture of her mother, a famous model who tragically passed away, for inspiration. The picture of her mother shows her holding a margarita in her hand with the sun setting behind her. This was the most famous picture of her mother and one that brings great comfort to Alexandria as one of the few memories she has of her.

What is Alexandria really running away from? Her heart may know the answer.


The perfect beach read and a story that remind us all to follow our heart and pursue our dreams.
- Linda Sousa
Margaritas are my favorite drink but reading is my favorite escape. What a fun read and I highly recommend reading it with your favorite margarita!
- Amber Rose Muller



About the Author
Christine Lynn Lourenco Christine Lynn Lourenco lives in New Jersey and has a passion for the beach lifestyle. When not writing, she works in Human Resources and is married with a daughter and a dog. She has authored three books - "For the Love of the Ocean", “Commuter Bob", and “Sunsets & Margaritas”.



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