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by Sherry Meinberg

78 pages
SOMEWHERE OUT THERE is a once over lightly overview of the many subjects revolving around the UFO phenomenon. Each topic is short, providing flavor of the information involved, including evidence, theories, and debate, to spark curiosity.

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Category: Social Science:Conspiracy Theories
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About the Book
In SOMEWHERE OUT THERE: ALIENS AND UFOs, Dr. Meinberg takes the reader on an up-to-date tour of 35 topics that surround the vast subject of Ufology: UFOs, Alien Species (Arcturians, The Blues, The Greys, Little Green Men, The Whites, Nordics, Pleiadians, Praying Mantises, Reptilians, and Shapeshifters), Contact, Close Encounters, Famous People Who Actually Saw UFOs or Aliens, Mass UFO Observations, Schoolyard Encounters, Abductions and Abductees, Have You Been Abducted?, Alien Implants, Men in Black, Animal Mutilations, Crop Circles, Astronauts, The Moon, Mars, Area 51, Secret Bases, NASA, SETI, Computers/AI, and Technology/Reverse Engineering.

With our present understanding of the cosmos, we must consider the possibility of other life forms beyond the planet Earth. SOMEWHERE OUT THERE provides a nudge, a push, a shove, to widen readers' awareness. Within these chapters, Dr. Meinberg invites readers to come out of their comfort zones, to enlarge their understanding of the Universe, and simply consider the possibilities.

There are references to historical persons, and bizarre situations that most people have never heard of or read about. Varying theories, viewpoints, and topics of debate, are included, regarding the UFO phenomenon. Each issue is intended to evoke critical thinking and logic, while sifting and sorting through the evidence. Readers are cautioned to challenge everything, keeping an open mind, while questioning theories and interpretations. This book is meant to introduce readers to realities and experiences that they might have mistakenly assumed to exist only in fictional stories and films. Remember, the science fiction of our yesterdays have become the science facts of today.



About the Author
Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg was a teacher and professor for 50 years. She is an avid reader, usually reading three or four books at a time. She supports libraries and various causes. As a thinker, seeker, and speaker, she loves to tell stories. She is the author of 22 books, some for adults, some for children, and some for both at the same time. She loves to share her oddball experiences.



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