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A Bicycle with a Basket by Judith Kidd

A Bicycle with a Basket

by Judith Kidd

98 pages
As 8-year-old Sunshine explores the outdoors on bicycle rides with her nanna Gee-Ma as a guide, it creates a special bond between a wise down-to-earth grandmother and her curious, wishful granddaughter.

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Category: Fiction:Juvenile
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About the Book
A heart-warming story of a young girl and her nanna as they team up on their bicycles to go on ‘ride-abouts’ along the beaches of Queensland, Australia in search of seashells, stones, and any other collectibles. As they ride and observe, they ponder the uses and drawbacks of what to do with their collections and when do they reach the point that enough is enough? This opens their dialogue into discussions of the value we put on nature and our own personal labor, the myriad of mysteries to be found in nature, and what is revealed when we look at nature with ‘laser’ vision.

As Sunshine’s young mind ponders the seeming magic of Mother Nature, such as the sparkling lights that appear and disappear on the sea surface and the deafening crack of lightning which is followed by a rainbow after a storm, the girl acquires a deep appreciation and desire to increase her observation skills and learn more about the many infatuations of the natural world.

The crux of the story centers around the growing bond between nanna Gee-Ma and her 8-year-old granddaughter, Sunshine. Without being overbearing or preachy, Gee-Ma imparts plentiful doses of wisdom and humor, sure to elicit a chuckle from older readers. The result is a role model of a strong and capable grandmother for a curious young girl, that provides her with inspiration and self-confidence. In turn, Sunshine becomes a role model for her own generation as she follows her ‘Little Voice’ to enter the annual Cross-Country Nature Hunt, and surprises herself with an unexpected accomplishment.

The inclusion of male characters rounds out the scope for expanding relationships with family and friends, including Sunshine’s ‘annoying’ younger brother, a slick boy bike-rider from school, and Gee-Ma’s fellow retired handy man and ukulele player, Mr. Fix-it.



About the Author
A lifelong advocate of bicycle riding for practical everyday use, Judith recently retired from a university career in plant science in New Zealand and now lives in coastal Australia. She has two young granddaughters spread between the coasts of Southern California and Queensland.



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