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Daddyvotionals: essays from the empty nest by John Abild

Daddyvotionals: essays from the empty nest

by John Abild

290 pages
An encouraging and entertaining suite of writings I gave my children after they left home! Not “kiddie” sermons, but grownup messages to my nine sons and daughters from their devoted daddy meant to exhort, encourage, and keep them laughing!

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About the Book
What do you do when your 9 children have all grown and flown the coop? After decades of training, nurturing, and encouraging them, the fatherly “juices” want to keep flowing to them. What can be done? Daddyvotionals!

This book is not another collection of Christian devotionals, as you might suspect from the title. Rather, it is a suite of essays I gave my children after they left home! So these are not “kiddie” sermons, but are grownup messages to my sons and daughters from their devoted daddy. Some are testimonies of what God has done for us; others are meant to exhort or encourage; a few are deeply theological; and some are really funny!

We have had children living in our home for 45 years! Yes, from the time my wife and I started having babies until the last one moved out, four and a half decades passed.

When they started leaving the nest years ago I still had a longing to feed them in a spiritual way as I had done all of their younger lives. I satisfied this desire by emailing them periodically the writings found in these pages. I didn’t think I was writing a book—I was simply continuing to communicate my care and love. Somehow it turned into a book, after all!


Daddyvotionals is a delightful collection penned from the heart of a loving, concerned father intended to guide, cheer, bless and instruct his children through life’s journey—even after they move out of the home. I would highly recommend buying and carefully reading this book.
- John Solinger M.Div., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary



About the Author
John Abild John moved to Indiana in 1973 for a summer job. However, Jesus Christ gave him a new birth so he decided to stay. He and his wife, Yvette, moved to Kentucky in 1991 where they completed their family of nine children. They now reside in an empty nest near Shelbyville.



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