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SatisfACTION in Parenting by Larry L. Larrabee, Ph.D.

SatisfACTION in Parenting

by Larry L. Larrabee, Ph.D.

224 pages
This book aims to help parents raise children who become mature, self-confident adults through very easy to understand, practical measures. Topics covered include communication, confidence building, chores, rules and discipline.

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Category: Self Help:Relationships
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About the Book
Many parents reading this book, as well as some practitioners, have expressed that what is suggested here is too harsh. This is expected because, as the book explains, the child rearing attitudes in America today, for both parents and practitioners, base their philosophies and practices on a foundation of kindness and emotional support of the child.

I believe in these concepts as well, but I have found that using only such techniques does not effectively bring about the emotional maturity needed to be a happy, effective, confident adult. Kindness and emotional support alone lead to failure to achieve one’s potential, depression and suicide, drug use, and other short-sighted behaviors. Kindness and support along with responsibility and accountability produces a much more mature human being who has all he or she ever needs in order to lead a happy and productive life.

I can see where the book comes across as if it were promoting a harsh environment with its emphasis on control of the environment rather than the child. The two largest chapters are devoted to rules and chores in the child’s life and, by today’s standard, that seems harsh. But parents who do place more emphasis on these two areas experience a family environment that is calmer and more congenial as a result of having many, many less episodes of discipline and happier children who have a sense of self-worth.

My advice? Try to see the book to its end and it all will be more palatable. If you’re having trouble doing that, skip to the last, brief chapter, Then try it again.



About the Author
Larry L. Larrabee, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist withy over thirty years of experience working with children, teens and their families. He received his doctorate from Purdue University. After practicing briefly in St. Louis, Missouri, he established his practice in Madison and Portage, Wisconsin.



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