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A to Z on How to Write Science Fiction: a Study and Reference Guide by Phil Lewis

A to Z on How to Write Science Fiction: a Study and Reference Guide

by Phil Lewis

71 pages
You can follow the guide from A to Z or you can follow it through its divided sections: Punctuation, Parts of Speech & Grammar, Space, Astronomical and Science Fiction, General Writing and General Information.

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Category: Writing
About the Book
A to Z on How to Write Science Fiction: A Study and Reference Guide, represent a limited collection of ideas, researched facts, personal opinions and examples developed by the author over the past years.

This e-book is for those people who want to write science fiction. And honestly there's no greater feeling of accomplishment or excitement than traveling amongst the stars and planets of this galaxy through your own created words. As a writer you come to enjoy wearing many different hats. One such hat is the astronomer in you that studies the stars you write about. Understanding the effects of different suns on the planets that orbit them.

The type of star and the distance the world revolves around it determines the make up of the planet?s atmosphere, its flora and many other things that you must work out in order for your planet to be real to your reader. You become the engineer, who diligently plans, builds and launches their space craft preparing it to orbit those worlds that are far more exciting and mysterious than any in our Solar System. In your writing you create a plausible situation whereby a ship is designed to carry humans and aliens with the air they both need to breathe. You are the biologist who studies new plant life. The geologist who understands how each and every planet is different and alike.

You become each character as they undertake to do their job and show the conflict that happened between themselves or between characters and conditions which you set before. Your characters will slowly come alive as you develop them. You will bask along with them in the discoveries of exploration. There is constant excitement as you and your characters face all of these situations and conditions. The list goes on and on as you study and prepare each and every aspect of their journey.

In writing science fiction there should be some kernel of scientific truth in your writing. And that truth should be integrated well into your story. I've added a considerable amount of data especially about astronomy. A to Z does not claim to be an authority, it's only a helpful informative guide.

There are different ways the reader can approach information in this guide. It can be read from A to Z or it can be read using a simple color code. You may want to read and study punctuation, parts of speech and Grammar first (green). After that you can tackle general writing (red) followed by space, astronomical and science fiction writing (blue) leaving the general information (black) to last.



About the Author
Phil Lewis Phil Lewis was born and raised in West Tennessee. Traveling to some fifty different countries throughout the world, he now lives in New Zealand with his wife and teaches at a private training school. He has a Bsc, Graduate Diplomas in Teaching, Writing, Business Management and Computers, and a PGDipSLT.



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