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The Intuition Toolbox by Paul Winter

The Intuition Toolbox

by Paul Winter

187 pages
A Down-to-Earth approach for putting your higher self to work.

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Category: Self Help:Stress
About the Book

If you have ever experienced your intuition and now want to use it at will, you are on the right path to obtain this valuable tool and a few others. The Intuition Toolbox will teach you how to easily use your intuition whenever you want to:

- Make accurate decisions without research
- Pick the best item on a list, such as a list of stocks
- Sense the right moment to start or stop a process

The Intuition Toolbox also teaches useful tools that will increase your control over events and bring tranquility and confidence into of your life. This will allow you to obtain the intuitive state of mind more easily. Among other things, these tools will teach you how to:

- Find the best solution to any problem
- Play roulette and consistently win
- Cause your environment to make you more relaxed
- Increase the intensity of your most pleasurable experiences

Tool Example

The tools in The Intuition Toolbox range from the simple and easy to verify to the totally cosmic. An example of the cosmic: The Intuition Toolbox presents a technique for moving into a parallel reality where your desired situation is waiting for you. Parallel realities are made from the outcome of major forks in the path of your life. For example, if you came close to not going to college, there is most likely a parallel reality where you didn't go to college and one where you did. Parallel realities or universes may be more real than you think. The Parallel Universes theory is "the simplest and most popular cosmological model" (from Scientific American magazine cover article for April 2003). However, conventional science doesn't talk about the conditions of your path in these different universes.

Intuition Is Not Magic

We all have the ability to sense near future events. It is not magic; it is actually very scientific. As Albert Einstein once said, "People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." The Intuition Toolbox shows you how to set up a sensor for obtaining feedback from near future events as you go through the motions of making a decision one way or the other. It is that simple.

Who Profits From the Sale of this Book?

100% of the author's share from the sale of The Intuition Toolbox goes to Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) cancer research. With IPT, insulin directs chemotherapy only to tumor cells. So just 10% of the usual chemotherapy dose is required, and side effects are avoided. IPT is available from more than 55 doctors in the US, and is covered by most medical insurance plans because it uses approved drugs. IPT research is currently conducted at Stanford University by Chris Duffield, Ph.D.



About the Author
Paul Winter started his search for the perfect problem solving technique when he started his professional life: travelling around the world fixing jets when the US Air Force was unable. After twenty years, he discovered that using intuition to make selections was more accurate than the most educated approach.



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